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As we progress through the following Baratza Encore review, one thing will be clear to you: Baratza has focused on function over form with this device.
This is not to say that the Baratza Encore is an unattractive device. Far from it. However, this conical burr grinder provides some of the best features you’ll find for a device of its size and price range.

Baratza produces several different conical burr grinders. The Baratza Encore is one of their most popular, and with good reason. It hosts a very wide range of grind settings and holds a reasonable amount of whole beans in the hopper, especially when one considers its small size.

Overall, the device is a good companion to those who love to make great tasting coffee in the comfort of their own home, but don’t want the big, and sometimes messy, grinders that they see sitting on the countertop in local coffee shops.

If convenience and power are what you’re looking for, the Baratza Encore grinder may just be what you’re looking for.

You may want to put the bag of freshly roasted beans down, at least for a second, while we lay all of this grinder’s details out on the table for your inspection

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One of the first things you’ll notice in conducting a Baratza Encore review is the grind dial. Baratza places a convenient and easy-to-use dial just under the hopper at the top which allows you to adjust the grind settings. We’ll dive more into the grind settings a little later, but we do want to point out this unique feature first.

Partially, this is because Baratza actually makes this grind dial one of their core features on almost all of their grinders. Anyone familiar with the brand will be familiar with this particular feature. It’s sort of Baratza’s call sign, like the bat symbol. Only, in this case, dark roast, not Dark Knights. Beyond this feature, the Baratza Encore coffee grinder features an extremely efficient, very quiet motor. The motor churns away at up to 450 RPMs, which for Baratza is just the right amount of power and speed to help give a quick grind, but not too quick. If that speed is too much for you, you can tone it down a bit. This burr grinder has a speed adjustment that allows for 405-450 RPMS.

The motor design and the 40mm steel burr design help prevent static build up. This helps to prevent ground coffee from sticking to the inside of the hopper, the burrs and the receiving bin. The hopper holds 8 ounces of whole beans, while the grounds bin holds a solid 5 ounces. Baratza places an easily accessible pulse button on the front to allow for on-demand grinding in for added control over the amount you’re trying to get. These features, added together, help add to this product’s overall popularity among those who love brewing coffee at home, and helps add to the overall appeal of this device among coffee fans.

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Build Quality

Perhaps the biggest downside you’ll find in our Baratza Encore review is the fact that this product does utilize somewhat cheaper parts than some of its more expensive competitors. Do note that this means that the product is cheaper–which is good for those just starting out with grinding coffee at home. Beyond some of the internal components and the hardened steel burrs, the Encore coffee grinder by Baratza is pretty much all plastic.

That said, Baratza only uses high-quality plastics on the outer portion of this grinder. Both the hopper and the grounds bin are plastic materials. Plastics can sometimes attract more static than other materials, so it is important to note that you are likely to experience some static build-up on in the grounds bin. Nevertheless, the build quality on the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder is top-notch for its price range, and the somewhat cheaper materials do bring the price down into a more reasonable range. However, if you are looking for something with more expensive burrs (i.e., ceramic), you may need to look elsewhere.

Grind Settings

Your eager waiting is over! Our Baratza Encore review finally lands on perhaps the most important aspect of any coffee grinder: the grind settings. The Encore Conical Burr Grinder has more grind settings than a burr grinder of its size and price should reasonably have. That dial we mentioned earlier has 40 different settings. If you’ve been using a hand grinder, you’ll note just how much easier it is to fine-tune your grind than with almost any hand grinder available.

As we mentioned earlier as well, the grind settings on the Baratza Encore grinder are easily and quickly adjusted. The dial situation is unique to Baratza, so if you see it used anywhere, you may want to shun all pretenders. Grinding on the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is fast and easy, taking only about 1.1 seconds per gram. At that speed, you can grind just around 1 ounce of whole beans in about 30 seconds. If you’re trying to empty out the entire hopper, you can expect it to take somewhere around 4 minutes.

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Price is everything when it comes to making a final decision, and our Baratza Encore review finds that the price for this grinder hits a sweet spot. Baratza offers up their Encore Coffee grinder for $129 retail.

This price is variable online as a whole, but Amazon is your best bet for finding it at the lowest price possible, especially for an unused product.

It includes a 1-year warranty on the device, which is good just in case something catastrophic happens during your grinding process.


No good Baratza Encore review can occur without a few words about the device’s aesthetics. Although the Encore grinder by Baratza is fairly simple in its construction, it’s not without its charm. The lines on this device are smooth, and the grind setting dial is both functionally interesting as well as visually attractive. That this device has an all-black color makes it mostly neutral as a kitchen appliance, helping to keep it from clashing with most interior design schemes in most kitchens.

If you are looking for something with a bit more of a fancy design to it, the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder may not be what you’re looking for. The simple design and the design materials are what helps keep the price down on this device. Baratza does have several other devices that go for a more complex aesthetic. However, the low profile of this grinder may be exactly what some users desire.

Conclusion of our Baratza Encore Review

When doing our Baratza Encore review, we focused specifically on the key features and grind settings. These are what makes this particular grinder a bestseller and a highly favored item. The grind settings alone should turn a few heads, especially for those that are either transitioning from an older or broken grinder, or those who are upgrading from a hand grinder to an electric burr grinder. That these 40 individual grind settings are easily achieved through the Baratza’s unique turn dial is something that makes this product a bit more unique than most.

The simple design and somewhat cheaper materials could easily fool someone into thinking that Baratza Encore grinder is less powerful or useful than it is.

However, a dedicated customer base and consistently high customer satisfaction and other Baratza Encore reviews point out a product that is well designed and very good at what it does. The low price on this grinder effectively makes it a “very good introductory device for those who are new to grinding their own coffee. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more grinding speed or more capacity, you’ll want something a bit bigger (check out our Top 10 coffee grinder reviews). However, the small weight and size on this grinder makes it an ideal product for personal, everyday home use.

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    • Jacco

      Hi Alan,

      thank you for providing your feedback. Where do you think we should improve our review?

      Jacco, Chief Grinder

      • Well how about looking at some grounds, under a half-decent magnifying glass, at various settings to see just how well or not it creates even-sized particles? I use either my espresso machine or my French press, which requires a big jump between them. Is it consistent? If you go from #5 to $35, and back again, are #5 and #35 the same as last time? How well does do the coarse settings handle the fine stuff that would make my press pot go sour?

        And since you asked for a critique, the paragraph split makes the review seem weaker than it is:

        “…but we do want to point out this unique feature first.”

        Partially, this is because…”

        It’s poor English and made me think you were presenting “you can adjust the grind!” as a “unique feature”. Likewise waffle such as “If convenience and power are what you’re looking for, the Baratza Encore grinder may just be what you’re looking for.”

        No. No coffee lover is looking for power; we’re not running a cafe and for convenience does this grind directly into a coffee holder or do you HAVE to use the hopper? Then you say things like this:

        “Nevertheless, if you’re looking for more grinding speed or more capacity, you’ll want something a bit bigger”. No kidding?

        To be blunt this ‘review’ seems to be artfully worded but lacking any real substance. Do you physically possess one of these to review or, how can I put this politely… not?

        Here’s the good news – having read your review again it seems better than the first time, so there’s that? But yeah, still a bit weak and watery.

        Thanks for letting me rant. I do appreciate it! :)

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          Hi Alan,

          thank you for taking the time to provide detailed feedback. I must admit you make some excellent points here. We didn’t possess the grinder for the review. However, I feel that this isn’t always necessary as we do a lot of research on these products and try to combine all various review so you will have a detailed overview with ours. But, unfortunately, I also must admit that this review needs some improvements, specifically on those points you mention. Some things are misworded or a bit redundant. For example, I do think it is important to state whether or not you need more power/capacity as some people are entirely new into grinding and don’t know what to expect. But in this case it is, of course, important to specify what exactly is “more”.
          So, thank you for your very helpful “rant” (;-), I will put this on on the re-do list so a better review can be performed.

          Jacco, Chief Grinder