Baratza Preciso Review

If you’ve examined any previous Baratza Preciso review, you may have noticed a recognizable theme. The Baratza Preciso always seems to come out on top as one of the best, fastest coffee grinders on the market, and hands down one Baratza’s most well-respected products.

Even Baratza is quick to acknowledge that, while they have many great grinders, the Preciso’s design and functionality hits a very delicate sweet spot. So much so, in fact, that Baratza even upgraded their Virtuoso to include the same conical burrs used in the Precisio.

Our Baratza Precisio review focuses purely on the features, grind settings, build quality and aesthetics of this device, while giving a bit of a nod to the price as well. Unlike the Virtuoso or the Encore,

The Baratza Preciso grinder is not designed specifically for home use. It is an entry-level grinder for small restaurants and cafés.

That said, if you’re a real coffee aficionado, for whom nothing less than the best will do even in your own home, the Baratza Preciso grinder may well be what you’re looking for.

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Our Baratza Preciso review would be wholly incomplete without a focus on the Preciso’s features. Just as the Baratza Virtuoso is a step up from the Encore, the Baratza Preciso grinder is a step up from the Virtuoso. The features on this device are, however, only slightly improved over the Virtuoso. The real difference between the two devices was, at one time, the MICROadjust grind feature, the Gearbox and the burrs.

Since Baratza upgraded all of these (minus the MIRCOadjust) on the Virtuoso to match what can be found on the Preciso, the only key difference between the two devices is the MICROadjust. We will get into more detail on the grind possibilities in the next section. Beyond the increased grind features, the Baratza Preciso coffee grinder has all of the features many who have used Baratza’s products have come to know and love. The pulse button on the front allows for greater control over grinding, and the Preciso allows for grinding directly into an espresso portafilter. The device has an included Portaholder for this purpose.

Baratza retained the timer and the ability to adjust the grinding speed of the motor, up to 500 RPMs. Interestingly, Baratza continues to sell products that are relatively low on excessive features. There is no digital display, no weight measurements, etc. Primarily, you will find an 8-ounce bean hopper, a 5-ounce grounds bin and a very fine-tuned grind dial. Baratza’s products, including the Preciso, have always focused on simple base designs with an emphasis on variability in grinding.

Build Quality

Our Baratza Preciso review finds that Baratza maintains the same high quality materials they use in all of their grinders. The Preciso uses strong steel conical burrs, and the Gearbox 2.0 and motor that Baratza puts in this grinder are standard across most of their grinders.

The real difference here is the inclusion of the second grind setting adjuster.On the outside, Baratza utilizes a mixture of polished steel and hard plastic to create a solidly built machine.

The conical burrs can be removed for cleaning and maintenance, and Baratza has a very responsive team in place that accepts machines back that may require fixing or repair.

There are very few complaints that exist about defective parts on this machine. Some users have complained about the timer handle falling off. This is, however, an uncommon complaint. Generally speaking, the Baratza Preciso grinder is a well-built machine and made to last.

Compare the Preciso

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Baratza Preciso vs.
Baratza Virtuoso

The Virtuoso and Preciso are almost identical, except for the MIRCOadjust settings (and their price tag).

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Grind Settings

The most benefit you will receive from our Baratza Preciso review is our focus on the grind settings. This is where the Baratza Preciso coffee grinder truly shines. Baratza maintains their highly-popular 40-setting dial placed right under the bean hopper. The dial allows for fine-tuning the grind from very coarse to very fine, with each step on the dial relating to a 10-micron difference. The 40-step dial under the hopper can be found on all of Baratza’s coffee grinders, and indeed is synonymous with the brand.

To distinguish the Preciso from Baratza’s previous versions, Baratza includes a second dial, their MICROadjust, under the normal 40-setting dial. This 11-step dial allows for even further fine-tuning of the grind. This makes the Baratza Preciso grinder perfect for espressos, and indeed this grinder is highly favored among coffee shops for just this reason. Alongside the grind settings, the conical burrs on the Preciso are extremely high-quality steel. Baratza designed the conical burrs, the motor and their Gearbox 2.0 to all work together to create a smooth, consistent grind with a very minimal amount of fines.

The design also helps minimize static build-up, helping to eliminate most (but not all) static that grounds to stick to the parts. Although no grinder is entirely quiet, the motor auto-adjusts its speed to produce both a consistent grind and a quieter grind, depending on the load weight.

Finally, the Baratza Preciso coffee grinder is extremely fast on the grind. It churns beans into grounds at a rate of 1.5 to 2.4 grams per second. This is a result of the combination between the Gearbox 2.0, the precise conical burrs and the motor.


When it comes down to the price, a Baratza Preciso review becomes difficult. The Preciso is a well-designed machine. The question is whether the $299 price tag is justified. The short answer here is “yes it is”.

Many users point to the fact that the Preciso grinds better and more evenly than many grinders at a higher price range. This is true and helps maintain the popularity of this device. Baratza’s dedication to high quality at a great price is something that many coffee enthusiasts have appreciated for some time. The real difficulty in determining the price justification comes when one compares the Preciso to the Virtuoso.

As we stated earlier, at one time, the Virtuoso used different conical burrs and some other parts that were not used in the Preciso. In 2011, Baratza upgraded the Virtuoso to include the key selling point found on the Preciso: The high-quality conical burrs.

The Virtuoso presently sells for $229, while the Preciso sells for $299. The only difference between the two devices is the MIRCOadjust dial on the Preciso. While subtle, this added feature dramatically increases the potential found on the Preciso over the Virtuoso and makes it more of a specialized product for espresso brewing. There is only one feature difference, but it’s an important one. That Baratza offers the Preciso at less than a $100 difference is impressive, making the device a fairly good deal.


When it comes to aesthetics, our Baratza Preciso review has very little to say — which is a good thing. Those familiar with the Baratza brand will immediately recognize that all of their products are designed almost exactly the same.

The only differences between devices are where Baratza decides to use metal on the outer casing over plastics. The cheaper the device, the more plastic they will use. This is why the Encore, their least expensive device, is composed of all plastic, while their other devices all have metal somewhere.

It must be stated outright that the Baratza Preciso grinder has a sleek design. But that design is exactly the same as what can be found on the Virtuoso. The two devices are identical, beyond the MIRCOadjust dial on the Preciso. While it would have been nice if Baratza had gone for a slightly different look between the two devices, it’s understandable that they did not. Including any more metal in the design would have upped the price even more. In this case, they put polished steel in all of the right places to make the form factor look smooth, yet almost comically simple, particularly considering how elaborate they could have made it.


In our Baratza Preciso review, we’ve found that the device is only a small upgrade over the Baratza Virtuoso. That said, it’s a reasonable upgrade with a very important difference in the grind settings. As Baratza’s products have a heavy emphasis on function over form, the fact that the two devices look almost identical is not much of a problem.

The most important difference is with inclusion of the 11-step MICROadjust, an important feature for those looking to make a more precise grind for espressos. Baratza makes this product with their usual attention to quality. They also continue to shun an excess of features, instead only including the simplest and most necessary aspects, all of which relate directly to grinding and nothing else.

If you’re already a fan of Baratza’s grinders and are looking to upgrade from a different model, the Baratza Preciso coffee grinder is a good move. If you’re looking for a grinder with more capacity, however, this is not going to be one for you. The 8-ounce hopper and 5-ounce grounds bin are a bit on the small side for a very large operation. Unless, of course, you have multiple grinders, as most shops tend to do.

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