Best Bunn Coffee Grinder – Comparison & Reviews

Buying a Bunn coffee grinder is buying sheer grinding power. Bunn does not offer any grinders geared exclusively for the consumer market. Nearly every Bunn coffee grinder available for sale is designed for high-pace commercial use.

Bunn coffee grinders use very large burrs, high capacity chambers and hoppers, and produce large quantities of grinds in a very short period of time. These features may be unnecessary if you’re looking to brew a few cups at a time.

However, if you are constantly entertaining guests, or want to purchase a heavy duty grinder for a large office, a Bunn coffee grinder may be just what you’re looking for.

About Bunn coffee grinders

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The Bunn-O-Matic Corporation is a manufacturer of tea and coffee equipment based out of Illinois, United States. On the consumer side, they are best known for their production of single and multi-cup drip brewers, carafes, and coffee filters. Commercially, Bunn is known for producing and distributing high capacity grinders, mass brewers, and espresso machines. Bunn manufactured and distributed products have found their way into many cafés, independent or corporate, and some of their equipment can be found behind the counter of your local Starbucks store.

The Best Bunn Coffee Grinder of 2016

After wading through many existing coffee grinder reviews and product information, we have compiled a list that shows you the best Bunn coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Bunn Grinder of 2016

1. BUNN 22100 Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder

The Bunn G3 is a commercial Bunn coffee grinder, designed to withstand the rigors of grinding pound after pound of coffee, non-stop. It is a large machine, and standing at 27 inches tall, it makes most grinders look like children’s toys.

It has a simple industrial design, and all of the machine’s components are encapsulated in a vertical rectangular prism. This is not an attractive device—but it isn’t meant to be. Its main purpose is to grind a very large quantity of beans, very quickly. And this, it does incredibly well.

This Bunn coffee grinder is an industrial grade device that boasts incredible commercial level performance. It uses high precision flat steel burrs to produce a consistent grind on 8 settings: coarse, regular, electronic percolator, drip, automatic drip, fine, espresso, and Turkish. It can grind a whole pound of coffee in under 30 seconds, a pace ideal for busy commercial environments. A small lever behind the chute needs to be engaged in order for the grinder to work, and is intended to reduce spillage. This is a large, sturdy device with incredibly solid build quality.

The biggest drawback of the Bunn G3 for home use is its size—this machine is a behemoth that would look out of place in most kitchens. This machine also seems to produce a mess proportional to its size. Combining the Bunn G3’s large grinds chute and high-speed motor results in a shotgun effect. As grinds leave the chute opening, they fly in every which direction. Unless your grinds bag/container is large enough to catch all the debris, you will invariably make a mess. Furthermore, the bag lock doesn’t quite work as advertised. A substantial amount of grinds can cling to the inside of the chute, only to fall out after you have removed your container.

This device is also a bit too expensive to justify purchasing it for your home. This device was clearly meant to sit behind the counter of a café, not in your kitchen.

Since it isn’t likely that you’ll need to grind several pounds of coffee in one go, it is hard to recommend the G3 Bunn coffee grinder for home use. However, if you do find yourself in a unique situation where bulk coffee grinding is necessary, this Bunn coffee grinder will make easy work of the task.


  • Very sturdy, industrial build quality
  • Incredibly quick grinding, 1 pound of beans under 30 seconds
  • Bag safety lock disengages the motor once your container is removed
  • Uniform grinds
  • Grinds for 8 generic coarseness levels


  • Gigantic footprint
  • Very messy grinding process
  • Too expensive for home use
  • Limited coarseness adjustment

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Our Best Pick: BUNN G3 22100 Bulk Commercial Coffee Grinder