Best Capresso Coffee Grinder – Comparison & Reviews

The most popular Capresso coffee grinder is the Capresso Infinity, which comes in a two different variations, build quality being the differentiator. In this article, we will cover the difference between the two Infinity grinders.

We also did a number of comparisons with other popular coffee grinders from different brands. We also have a look at some other popular Capresso grinders. Capresso produces competent and consistent mid-range grinders at a reasonable price. Innovative, award-winning designs make Capresso a leading manufacturer of high-quality grinders.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in your coffee mill, Capresso is likely to have a product that’ll satisfy you.

The Best Capresso Coffee Grinder of 2016

After wading through many existing coffee grinder reviews and product information, we have compiled a list that shows you the best Capresso grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Capresso Coffee Grinder of 2016


Capresso 565.05 Infinity

The Capresso 565 is one of the most popular high-end burr grinders, due to its excellent build quality and gorgeous stainless steel look. To top it off it comes at a very attractive price.


Capresso 560 Infinity

The Capresso 560.04 is the budget version of the Capresso 565. While still offering perfect grind qualities, it doesn't have the stainless steel finish and is a bit less sturdy. 


Capresso 503.05 Blade Grinder

The Capresso 503.05 is the only blade grinder offered by Capresso, but it is a good one. It has an excellent build quality, along with a stainless steel finish for a friendly price.

About Capresso coffee grinders

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  • Design

Along with premium engineering, Capresso products are designed with high-end aesthetics in mind. Clean black trims, aesthetic curves, and clean stainless steel finishes are all common branding traits. Capresso products are also notably ergonomic, featuring comfortable handles, easily visible and extruded controls, and a notable lack of rough edges. With design awards to back it up, Capresso produces beautiful, innovative, and powerful coffee equipment.

1. Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel

The Capresso 565 is a high-end consumer grade conical burr grinder. It features a clean stainless steel design that will look great in your kitchen. It is compact, sleek, and powerful. An upgrade from the 560 series of grinders, the Capresso 565 is one of the best burr grinders in its price range.

This hefty Capresso burr grinder is built with a heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing, making it sturdy and reliable. Its large 8-ounce hopper ensures that you won’t be refilling your coffee beans for days. Its burr grinding mechanism produces consistent, uniform grinds in 16 different texture settings, from Turkish at the finest to French press at the coarsest. Because the Capresso 565 has a low RPM, low-heat grinder design, it causes minimal degradation to your coffee beans. 

Given its low RPM motor, the Capresso 565 is also one of the quietest grinders available.The included dusting brush and cleaning agent are also nice bonuses.

Although the low RPM motor is a fantastic feature of this Capresso grinder, it may struggle with darker, oilier beans on the finest grind settings. The mechanical timer is also not as precise as one would wish, as the machine begins grinding the moment you turn the dial. As a result, grind quantities are fairly inconsistent. Another notable disadvantage is the fact that the 565’s bean hopper is not entirely airtight, making it unsuitable for storing coffee beans for more than a few days at a time. Finally, due to the design of its grind chute and a recurring problem with static cling, this grinder can get fairly messy.

The 565 is a fantastic Capresso burr grinder, and includes many features only found on high-end professional products. Its shortcomings are easily excused given the machine’s relatively low price.


  • Sturdy stainless steel design
  • Very uniform grinds
  • 16 texture settings produce the consistency you want
  • Large hopper & quiet operation
  • Bonus items are great for maintenance
  • Great for any grind consistency from French press to Turkish


  • Oilier beans on finest grind settings might clog/slow the machine
  • Mechanical timer design makes quantity slightly inconsistent
  • Hopper lid is not perfectly airtight
  • Static in the grinds container can lead to mess

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Baratza Encore

The Baratza Encore is a popular burr coffee grinder and is often considered by many as an alternative for the Infinity. Spoiler alert: The Infinity is the clear winner!

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Bodum Bistro

The Bodum Bistro is another popular coffee grinder, in the same price class as the Capresso Infinity (The Infinity 560 te be precise). Again the Infinity wins.

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French Press Grinders

The Capresso Infinity comes in at #3 in our Top 5 French Press Coffee Grinders list, which is a  very good achievement in this popular market segment for coffee lovers. 

2. Capresso 560 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Brushed Silver

The Capresso 560 is a lower end version of the fantastic 565; featuring many of the same high-end characteristics of the more expensive grinder, with a slightly lower build quality. Instead of the 565’s sturdy and industrial stainless steel build, the Capresso 560 uses a cheaper ABS plastic housing.

Visually, the 560-model grinder is nearly identical to its pricier counterpart, and will look just as sleek and compact on your kitchen counter-top. Mechanically, it uses the same high-quality conical burrs, and touts the same high performance.

Because this Capresso grinder uses the same high-quality, low RPM conical burr grinder design as the 565, this machine preserves the subtlest aromatics of your coffee beans. It produces a consistent, uniform, and delicious grind in 16 settings, suitable for almost any brew types. Its large hopper is convenient, and will store several days worth of beans at a time.
Finally, the included bonuses (cleaning agent, brush, and airtight grinds container) are a welcome addition to this relatively low-priced package.

As previously mentioned, this grinder is a bit less sturdy than its new revision, the 565. The 560 has the same issues with its mechanical timer, with the grind mechanism starting before you have had a chance to set the time. This results in a somewhat inconsistent grind quantity. The hopper lid is also not completely airtight, so it isn’t recommended that you keep your beans in it for more than a few days. The same issue with static buildup is also present, and may lead to a messy countertop.

The Capresso 560 is an incredible value for its price. Despite its lower build quality and several minor issues, this Capresso coffee grinder is the highest performing burr mill in its price range.


  • Very uniform grinds
  • 16 texture settings produce the consistency you want
  • Large hopper & quiet operation
  • Bonus cleaning agent, brush, and container
  • Great for any grind consistency from French press to Turkish


  • ​Less sturdy, lighter than the 565
  • Oilier beans on finest grind settings might clog/slow the machine
  • Mechanical timer design makes quantity slightly inconsistent
  • Hopper lid is not perfectly airtight
  • Static in the grinds container can lead to mess

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3. Capresso 503.05 Stainless Steel Cool Grind Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel

The Capresso 503.05 is a large mid-level blade grinder. Stainless steel outside and in, this grinder features an attractive, minimalist design with plenty of convenient advantages over comparable blade grinders.
The stainless steel construction makes this Capresso grinder one of the sturdiest blade grinders on the market. Its large chamber means that you’ll be able to grind a much larger amount of beans at once. It also features a convenient intrusion for cord storage.

Due to the lower register of the running motor, the Capresso 503.05 is much quieter than most blade grinders; this machine isn’t likely to wake up your family in the morning. Great build quality and fantastic machining make this one of the most durable blade grinders available.Despite the attractive design, fantastic build quality, and convenient features, this is still just a blade grinder.

As with all other blade grinders, transferring grinds to a machine or another container is a messy process. Its grind uniformity cannot compete with a burr mill of comparative price. While adequate for finer grinds, the Capresso 503.05 still underperforms for French press and cold brew. Furthermore, as with all other blade grinders on the market, this one suffers from a buildup of coffee dust. With a tiny bit more money, you can get a much more versatile machine like the 559 (#4 in this list) or 560 Capresso burr grinder (#2).

Despite its notable advantages over most blade grinders on the market, the Capresso 503.05 is too expensive to recommend. For a third of the price, you can acquire a blade grinder that produces a comparable uniformity. For less than twice the price, you can purchase a more versatile Capresso burr grinder.


  • Stainless steel exterior and interior make this a very sturdy device
  • Large grinding chamber
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Quieter than other blade grinders
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish coffee


  • Grind uniformity is subpar
  • Transferring grinds is messy
  • Coffee dust buildup
  • Very expensive for a blade grinder
  • Not ideal for French press and cold brew

4. Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder 559.04

The Capresso 559 is an inexpensive, entry-level burr grinder for those looking to upgrade their coffee drinking experience without breaking the bank. Only slightly more expensive than a mid-range blade grinder, the 559 is a notable upgrade for a myriad of brewing methods, including French press and cold brew.

Although the Capresso 559 uses a flat burr design, it produces surprisingly uniform grinds in 17 different textures. Unlike the 560’s dial controls, the 559 uses a slider to regulate the quantity of grinds produced, and it does so consistently and accurately.

Its hopper is the same size as those found on the 560 and 565, and is very convenient for storing a large amount of beans. Grinds are deposited in a plastic 5-ounce grinds container, conveniently locked into place until you are ready to use them.

The first notable downside to this economy grinder is the build quality. Although it is standard for high-end burr grinders to use stainless steel enclosures, the Capresso 559 is built from a cheaper plastic. Beyond its suspect longevity, the cheaper build also causes problems in functionality. For example, beans can jam the grinder chute, causing the machine to stop functioning until it is cleaned.

The 559’s flat burr design produces more heat than a conical burr mill and is thus prone to degrading the quality of your beans. Although uniform, the grind settings are limited, with the coarsest grind failing to produce an ideal grind for French Press. Finally, despite using a burr design, this grinder produces a large quantity of coffee dust.

The Capresso 559’s low price tag is bound to come with some drawbacks. Despite these shortcomings, this Capresso burr grinder is a fantastic value for the price and does most of what you need a burr grinder to do.


  • Burr design grinds more uniformly than blade grinders
  • 17 settings that allow you to grind your beans to preferred coarseness
  • Convenient slider to adjust grind quantity
  • Competent for any grinds finer than French press
  • Very inexpensive burr mill


  • Plastic build isn’t as sturdy as more expensive grinders
  • Flat burr design produces more heat, degrading bean aroma
  • This burr mill can produce coffee dust
  • Chute can get jammed by beans
  • Coarsest setting could be a touch coarser

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Our Best Pick: Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel