Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder – Comparison & Reviews

Choosing a Cuisinart coffee grinder is choosing for a different grinder design then you're probably used to. Cuisinart operates in the lower to middle end of the market, so if you are looking for high-end professional coffee equipment, you won’t find anything notable from Cuisinart.

However, if you’re looking for accessible, affordable, and convenient coffee makers and accessories, Cuisinart has plenty to offer.
In this list we've included two burr coffee grinders, one blade grinder and a coffee maker with grinder as an extra.

The Best Cuisinart Coffee Grinder of 2016

After wading through many existing coffee grinder reviews and product information, we have compiled a list that shows you the best Cuisinart coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Cuisinart Grinder of 2016


Cuisinart DBM-8

The Cuisinart DBM-8 is an attractive looking grinder which is surprisingly well featured for its low price tag. It is one of the best, low priced burr grinders you can find and the #1 burr grinder on Amazon.


Cuisinart CBM-18N

The Cuisinart CBM-18N is the bigger brother of the DBM-8, sporting better looks and features (but at a higher price tag). It has a convenient LCD display with tons of adjustment settings.


Cuisinart DCG-20NR

The Cuisinart DCG-20NR is an easy to use blade grinder, with a very attractive industrial design. It's much better than most blade grinders, but can't compete on grind quality.

About Cuisinart coffee grinders

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  • Design

Cuisinart products are designed with the appearance of professional/industrial equipment. In line with their marketing slogan, “preferred by chefs and favored by consumers,” the function of a Cuisinart product precedes its form. Cuisinart appliances typically feature simple, understated designs, with each panel, platform, and extrusion serving a practical function. As a result, Cuisinart products are not designed to be attractive, but rather, convenient and practical. The most common characteristic of Cuisinart appliances is a stainless steel finish—a decision consistent with the “form follows function” philosophy.

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart’s DBM-8 is an entry-level burr grinder, designed for home-brewing beginners. It is a simple device that offers all the essentials and none of the frills. Its utilitarian design is both simple and clean, its shape resembling a tiny water cooler. There are no wasted design elements, and every square inch serves a specific purpose.

The grind controls are large, easy to read, and intuitive. This Cuisinart coffee grinder is surprisingly inexpensive for the amount of features packed in.This Cuisinart grinder uses a burr grinding mechanism, a significant step up from the blade mechanism of the similarly priced DCG-20NR.

This device produces a surprisingly uniform grind consistency, beating out many pricier grinders. Its burrs can be adjusted to produce 18 different grind textures, from fine to coarse.
The slide-dial, which can adjust the grind quantity from 4 to 18 cups, is accurate and consistent. The 8-ounce hopper eliminates the need to fill the grinder with every use, and the grinds container can hold up to a whopping 32 cups worth of grinds.

With such a low price tag, there are bound to be some tradeoffs, however. This Cuisinart burr grinder struggles to achieve the fine grind necessary for espresso or Turkish coffee, a feat easily accomplished by even the cheapest of blade grinders. The build quality is also suspect, with customers complaining about the machine failing after only a few months of use (although this could be attributed to user error). A buildup of static in the grinds container can also cause the grinds to “jump,” and is thus prone to causing a mess in your kitchen.

Despite its inability to grind beans fine enough for an espresso machine or Turkish coffee pot, this Cuisinart grinder is a great value for the price. If you’re looking for a mill to use along with a French press or drip machine, this one is more than satisfactory.


  • One of the cheapest burr grinders on the market
  • Relatively uniform grinds
  • Large hopper
  • High capacity grind chamber
  • Good for French press, cold brew, drip, and pour-over


  • Finest setting is not ideal for espresso, let alone Turkish
  • Longevity is suspect, with many customers complaining about quick degradation
  • Static buildup in grind chamber may cause a mess

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2. Cuisinart CBM-18N Programmable Conical Burr Mill

An upgrade from the DBM-8, the Cuisinart CBM-18N is an entry-level conical burr grinder that improves upon the former in almost every respect. It is slightly smaller than the DBM-8, and features a curvier, more attractive design. Substituting the DBM-8’s bulky, jutting silhouette for an hourglass shape, the CBM-18N is a less intimidating machine in appearance.

Although the stainless steel finish remains the same, the trim, typeface, and controls have all received a major facelift. 

The CBM-18N has a lot more going for it than just its looks, though.Like the DBM-8 before it, the CBM-18N is a Cuisinart burr grinder. Unlike the DBM-8, the burrs use a conical design, producing an even more uniform grind. The grind coarseness dial is still adjustable in 18 increments, but is now more clearly labeled with numbers and recommended settings for French press, auto drip, and espresso grinds. Quantity adjustment is now controlled digitally with the aid of the CBM-18N’s LCD display, which is clear and easy to read. The hopper size remains the same, but the 8-ounce capacity was more than enough to begin with.

Despite the CBM-18N’s upgrade to a conical burr design, the biggest issue with the DBM-8 remains unaddressed. This Cuisinart burr grinder is not suitable for espresso or Turkish coffee. Another unaddressed problem is the included grinds container, which is still prone to static buildup and jumping grinds. Although seemingly rare, some customers have complained about coffee dust finding its way into the grinds container.

While still not ideal for espresso or Turkish coffee, this Cuisinart burr grinder is a fantastic value for the price.


  • Conical burr design results in more uniform grinds
  • Large hopper means less refills
  • Clear, easy to read light-up LCD display
  • Great for French press, drip, and pour-over
  • One of the best conical burr mills under $100


  • Static electricity in the grind chamber can create a mess
  • Finest settings not fine enough for espresso or Turkish coffee
  • Coffee dust is a potential issue
  • Not ideal for espresso or Turkish coffee

3. Cuisinart DCG-20NR Coffee Grinder, Red

The Cuisinart DCG-20NR is a mid-range blade grinder designed specifically for use with coffee beans. The first thing you’ll notice about this machine is how sleek it looks. The bold red color is a departure from Cuisinart’s sterile, industrial design motifs, making it the most visually appealing Cuisinart coffee grinder mentioned in this article.

Standing taller and wider than most blade grinders, the DCG-20NR utilizes the extra space for convenient cord storage. 

As is the standard for these types of grinders, the DCG-20NR’s blades and bowl are made of stainless steel. This pricey model has two main features distinguishing it from generic blade grinders.The first, and most prominent distinguishing feature of the DCG-20NR, inexplicably absent from the majority of blade grinders on the market, is the volumetric measurement markings on the lid.

Generic blade grinders require you to either estimate the quantity of grinds produced, or to transfer them to another container for measurement. The DCG-20NR handily solves this issue, allowing you to grind and deposit precise quantities.
The second distinguishing feature is the device’s convenient cord storage, a feature seldom seen on cheaper grinders. Unfortunately, this device has more distinguishing drawbacks than features.

As expected from a blade grinder, the DCG-20NR only produces uniform grinds at finer levels. Having to pulse the DCG-20NR’s firing mechanism to grind is a dodgy and inconsistent process. Furthermore, transferring grinds from the lid has a tendency of causing a mess. This grinder also suffers from an abundance of coffee dust, which is not only problematic for certain brew methods, but can also cause the grinder’s switch to jam. The most glaring problem of the DCG-20NR, however, is its price tag. The noted advantages are welcomed, but they do not justify a near four-fold price increase over generic department store blade grinders.

With the noted issues in mind, the only reason to shell the big bucks for this device is if you are absolutely in love with the design. Otherwise, you’d be better of buying almost any other Cuisinart coffee grinder.


  • Sleek design
  • Measurement markings on lid
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Competent for drip, pour over, espresso, and Turkish coffee


  • Manually pulsing to grind can yield inconsistent results
  • Blades create coffee dust, which may clog the grinder and pump espresso machines
  • Pouring grinds from lid can be a messy process
  • Way too expensive for a blade grinder
  • Not ideal for French press or cold brew coffee

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4. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Officially referred to as the Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew, this appliance combines a Cuisinart coffee grinder with a drip brewer. Given the gargantuan size and industrial-style design of this machine, you’ll have a hard time appreciating its aesthetics. What this appliance lacks in beauty, however, it makes up for in build quality and features.

This combo appliance is sturdy, extremely simple, and infinitely more convenient than a stockpile of coffee equipment.

It can make you a freshly ground, freshly brewed pot of coffee every morning, without you having to lift a finger. The convenience of this machine cannot be overstated. It can be programmed to begin its cycle at any time of day, brewing coffee with your preferred strength, using grinds of your preferred coarseness.
As long as there are beans in its hopper and water in its reservoir, the 900BC will take care of everything for you. All of these features are easily managed through a simple interface on the front panel of the machine. The machine’s large hopper also ensures that you won’t have to refill the beans for days, or even weeks, depending on your coffee consumption.

When compared to standalone drip brewers, it is disappointing to see that Cuisinart’s DGB-900BC Grind & Brew does not include a hotplate to keep your coffee warm. When compared to standalone burr grinders, it is disappointing that the built-in Cuisinart grinder cannot be used for other brewing methods. Although you can theoretically interrupt the brew cycle quickly enough to remove the beans from the filter, this would defeat the purpose of the machine’s convenience. The maintenance of this machine can also seem laborious, since the hopper, grinder, chute, and filter all require regular cleaning.

Assuming that drinking drip coffee is enough to satiate your caffeine addiction, the DGB-900BC Grind & Brew is a fantastic value, even for its hefty price tag. If you need more variety in your life, you should probably purchase a standalone grinder.


  • Competent burr mill produces uniform grinds in 3 different textures
  • Large (8 ounce) hopper means less refills
  • Fully programmable
  • Cheaper than buying a programmable brewer and burr grinder separately
  • Incredibly convenient


  • Hotplate not included
  • Requires laborious maintenance
  • Grinder is only meant to function in tandem with the brewer

Our Best Pick: Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill