Best Melitta Coffee Grinder – Comparison & Reviews

Buying a Melitta coffee grinder is basically the same as buying a Hamilton Beach grinder. Because Melitta does not produce their own grinders for the North American market, you should be aware that the vast majority of them are manufactured by Hamilton Beach.

These grinders are inexpensive, convenient, and decent to look at. However, the cheaper price comes with compromises in build quality and overall performance.
If you are looking for an economy grinder that produces passable, entry-level results, Melitta has a few decent options.

About Melitta coffee grinders

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Melitta is a German purveyor of coffee related products, selling everything from ground coffee and coffee filters to electrical coffee brewers. Based out of Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Melitta is part of the Melitta Group. Known best for bringing the first coffee filters to market; Melitta has drastically expanded their product line to carry anything a consumer would need to brew a cup of coffee at home.

The Best Melitta Coffee Grinder of 2016

After wading through many existing coffee grinder reviews and product information, we have compiled a list that shows you the best Melitta coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Melitta Grinder of 2016

1. Melitta Coffee Grinder

The Melitta Coffee Grinder is a feature packed mid-range blade coffee grinder. It features a simple conical shape, wider at the base where its motor resides, gradually tapering off towards the lid. The bulk of its body is painted a standard black, and a thin red trim separates the grinder from the transparent lid.

If you may have noticed, the Melitta Coffee Grinder is identical to the Hamilton Beach 80365 hands-free grinder in terms of features. This is because it is, essentially, the 80365 grinder branded as a Melitta device.

If you would like a more comprehensive write-up, refer to the Hamilton Beach article. To keep it short, this blade grinder features an automatic cut-off feature, which modifies grind times in accordance with two settings that can be set on the face of the device: coarseness and quantity.

The removable lid features measurement markings, allowing you to quickly estimate bean quantities. Finally, the base houses space for convenient cord storage.

There are two main factors contributing to the downsides of this machine: 1. The Melitta Coffee Grinder is a blade grinder, and 2. It is a Hamilton Beach product. On the topic of the former, this machine is inconsistent, produces poor uniformity, is prone to static cling, and degrades the intricate aromas of your beans. On the latter factor, Hamilton Beach products are simply not reliable machines.

Unless you greatly prefer the Melitta branding, there is no reason to spend more on a Hamilton Beach product that has received a facelift. If you like the features of this grinder, go straight to the source and purchase a Hamilton Beach 80365.


  • Truly hands-free; fill the bowl and press the “on” button
  • Convenient grind-time presets
  • More consistent than any other blade grinder in its class
  • Removable grinds bowl is very convenient for pouring
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish


  • Grind uniformity is poor, especially on coarsest settings
  • Static buildup will cause cling and jumping grinds
  • Poor build quality translates to short shelf life
  • Stiff cord makes cord storage feature useless
  • Not ideal for French press or cold brew

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2. Melitta 80395 Coffee Grinder

The Melitta 80395 is an entry-level burr grinder manufactured by Hamilton Beach, branded as a Melitta device. The design of this grinder is fairly simple, with the main body taking the shape of a rounded rectangle.

Like most Melitta-branded devices, this grinder only comes in standard black. This device is fairly compact, leaving a small footprint in your kitchen (especially for a burr grinder).

The Melitta 80395 has all the standard features of a burr grinder. Coarseness can be adjusted on the side of the machine in 9 stops, from French press to espresso (more on this later). Grinding quantity can be adjusted via a dial on the front face, from 2 to 18 cups.
A button on the front of the machine activates the grinding mechanism, and the coffee grinds are churned out into a plastic receptacle at the bottom of the machine.

Its 6.5-ounce airtight hopper/grinding chamber keeps your beans fresh. This machine produces a decent uniformity for drip, and a competent grind for French press, with a few caveats.

The first major issue of this grinder is coffee dust, present at all grind settings, but especially annoying for coarser grinds. While the Melitta 80395 will grind more consistently for your French press than a blade grinder, grinds aren’t as coarse as they could be, and ensuing dust will produce some sludge in your pot.
Its espresso setting is not fine enough for most espresso machines, and can result in very short pull times. The other major issue is build quality, which are to be expected when you pay so little for a grinder. Minor issues include: static cling, messy grinds container, and low bean capacity.

The Melitta 80395 is a low-end machine with low-end problems. With its price being as low as it is, durability and quality issues are a given. Because of subpar consistency and fineness, the Melitta 80395 is not a good companion to your espresso machine. However, if you are drinking French press or drip, this Melitta coffee grinder provides a decent value for the price.


  • Coarseness adjustment in 9 stops
  • More uniform than a blade grinder
  • Quantity adjustment from 2 to 18 cups
  • Auto shutoff
  • Hopper keeps beans fresh
  • Decent for drip, competent for French press


  • Coffee dust is present on all settings
  • Could be slightly coarser on the coarsest setting
  • Not fine enough for espresso, let alone Turkish
  • Cheap build quality
  • Static cling, finicky grinds container
  • Low bean capacity

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3. Melitta Coffee Mill Classic MJ-0503

The Melitta MJ-0503 is an entry-level hand-operated burr grinder made for the Japanese market. Its design is reminiscent of the gorgeous Zassenhaus hand mills, matching some models to the screws. Given its German-inspired design, this is a beautiful device to behold. It is constructed from an attractive dark wood, stainless steel, and cast iron.

As Japanese customers report, this device produces a decent uniformity of grinds and can be adjusted for different coarseness settings. 

It deposits grinds into a small drawer, which is locked into place while you operate the mill. Most customers have reported being happy with the design, size, and overall feel of the device.

On the downside, the burrs on this mill seem to produce a large amount of coffee dust.
Customers have also complained about poor build quality, with screws coming loose after several months of use. Another small issue is the lack of a sealable hopper. The hopper’s open design may cause beans to pop out while you are grinding, causing a mess. This device also suffers from all the general disadvantages of hand mills, including long grind times and low capacity.

The Melitta MJ-0503 is a decent hand grinder with several notable issues. If you are on the market for a cheap, reliable grinder, you should look at Hario’s lineup. However, if you are enamored by the German-style hand mill design and don’t want to shell out $100 on a Zassenhaus, this Melitta coffee grinder may be exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Beautiful design
  • Uniform grinds, adjustable coarseness settings
  • Lockable grinds container
  • Inexpensive
  • Competent for most grinds of coffee


  • Long grind times
  • Low hopper/drawer capacity
  • Coffee dust is produced by the burrs
  • Open hopper causes beans to fly out
  • Subpar build quality

Our Best Pick: Melitta Coffee Grinder