Best Mr Coffee Grinder – Comparison & Reviews

Any Mr. Coffee grinder is considered a decent coffee grinder, but don't expect anything more than that. Mr. Coffee products strike a balance between affordability and functionality. You won’t get the worst product, but you certainly won’t get the best.

Price wise, their coffee equipment rests comfortably within the “reasonable” range. Thus, if you are looking for average, fairly priced, low-end equipment, Mr. Coffee may be the brand for you.

Should you decide that a Mr. Coffee coffee grinder is not the best fit for you, we've included plenty of alternatives in this article.

About Mr. Coffee grinders

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Mr. Coffee products feature simple, modern designs with convenient operation. A standard design motif for Mr. Coffee products is a glossy black plastic finish with silver/metallic trims, and bold colors.

The Best Mr. Coffee Coffee Grinder of 2016

After wading through many existing coffee grinder reviews and product information, we have compiled a list that shows you the best Mr. Coffee coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Mr. Coffee Grinder of 2016

1. Mr. Coffee IDS57-4 Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee’s IDS57-4 is a basic, inexpensive entry-level blade grinder. Its design is fairly generic, with nothing distinctive to separate it from the blade grinder masses. It is of an average size, has an average motor power, and has an average build quality. Don’t expect any bells or whistles; this is a standard Mr. Coffee coffee grinder whose main advantage is it’s comparatively low price point. For a few bucks more you can get a better performing burr grinder.

This is a generic grinder, in every sense of the word. Its build quality is exactly what is expected given its price point: decent. Its motor will grind your beans fairly quickly and efficiently. Its bowl holds an average 12 cups-worth of grinds. Its firing switch, located on top of the side of the lid, is pulse-action, running the motor for as long as the switch is held down. It is capable of producing a competent uniformity on finer grades, such as espresso or Turkish.
Although the consistency is subpar, using this grinder for your drip machine will be a notable upgrade over pre-ground coffee. This is the cheapest Mr. Coffee grinder available.

Given that this is a fairly standard blade grinder, it suffers from all the issues universal to blade grinders. Its grind uniformity is poor, and you will often find largely unbroken chunks of bean mixed with an incredibly fine coffee dust. Said coffee dust can be quite problematic for pump machines and double-walled portafilters. This Mr. Coffee grinder also suffers from static cling, which will often lead to grinds on your counter.

The Mr. Coffee IDS57 is a generic, cheaply priced blade grinder. It is a notable upgrade over pre-ground coffee but is not going to produce high-quality results. If you are looking for a blade grinder under $20, this one will do everything you need it to.


  • Quick and efficient blades will pulverize your coffee beans
  • Pulse-switch gives you manual control over grind coarseness
  • This is one of the cheapest blade grinders available
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish


  • Poor grind uniformity
  • High RPM motor degrades flavor and aroma of coffee beans
  • Static cling can lead to mess
  • Coffee dust makes this machine unsuitable for pump espresso machines
  • Not ideal for French press or cold brew

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2. Mr. Coffee IDS59-4 Electric Coffee Grinder

The Mr. Coffee IDS59-4 is an entry-level blade grinder based on the earlier IDS57-4 design. Its dimensions, functionality, and shape are identical to the cheaper Mr. Coffee model, with the only discernable visual difference being a new shiny chrome-colored exterior.

In terms of features, the IDS59 boasts only one notable improvement over the IDS57: its grinding bowl and blades are now made of stainless steel. 

Everything else is exactly the same. Its motor is seemingly unchanged, its grind capacity is identical, and the device is operated in the exact same way.

Despite its shiny chrome color, this Mr. Coffee coffee grinder is actually made from plastic. Although this is to be expected from an entry-level blade grinder, its hefty price increase over the IDS57 is simply not justified.
Although the stainless steel bowl of the IDS59 makes it more durable than the cheaper IDS57, this is an industry standard that could be found on a myriad of KRUPS, KitchenAid, CuisinArt, and Breville grinders. Its grind uniformity is just as poor as the IDS57, and static buildup is an ever-present problem.

There is little reason to purchase a grinder like the Mr. Coffee IDS59-4 for more than $20. Although it boasts a slight improvement in material, it is ultimately too expensive for such a basic device. For a mere $10 more, you can buy a Mr. Coffee burr grinder instead.


  • Shinier, slightly more attractive finish than IDS57
  • High RPM motor makes quick work of coffee beans
  • Competent for drip, espresso, and Turkish coffee


  • Poor uniformity
  • High RPM motor degrades coffee flavor and aroma
  • Static cling will invariably cause a mess
  • Way too expensive for such a basic device
  • Not ideal for French press or cold brew

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3. KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

The Mr. Coffee IDS77 is a mid-range blade grinder, notable for its mechanical advantages and a slew of convenient features. Its cylindrical shape, flared out lid, compact size, and glossy finish resemble a standard thermal liquid container, albeit more futuristic. This is an attractive device, especially in comparison to the cheaper IDS5X range of blade grinders. Aside from the upgrade in its aesthetics, the IDS77 features many a few improvements.

First and foremost, this Mr. Coffee grinder boasts a digital timer that is controlled by the quantity adjustor and coarseness selector. Choosing between 4 and 12 cups, and a coarse, medium, or fine consistency determines the automatic shutoff time of the device. Once the firing switch is pressed down, the grinder automatically shuts off based on your selected preferences. This takes the guesswork out of operating a blade grinder.This device also features a convenient removable grinds chamber, which makes it easier to transfer grinds without making a mess. The chambermaid cleaning system is convenient and does indeed aid in keeping your device particulate free, especially for coarser grinds.

Although the grind settings are a convenient feature, three is simply too few. The coarsest option is decent for percolator, but the medium and fine options may not be ideal for many drip and espresso machines. Manually pulsing the motor will give you more control over the consistency of your beans, however, but this makes the timer an obsolete feature. Grinds uniformity is poor, regardless of whether you are using the preset grinding times or manually pulsing the device. This device also has an issue with static buildup, which is especially problematic for the chambermaid system. The plastic ribs that aid in dislodging grinds will actually build up coffee dust and particulates because of static cling.

The IDS77 is a reasonably priced, feature packed Mr. Coffee coffee grinder. If you aren’t very particular about the coarseness of your grinds and appreciate simplicity and convenience, this Mr. Coffee grinder can be a great addition to your coffee preparation arsenal, and it won’t break the bank.


  • Digital timer automatically shuts off machine based on selected quantity and coarseness
  • Removable grinds chamber aids in pouring grinds and cleaning
  • Chambermaid system dislodges most particulates
  • Competent for percolator, drip, espresso, and Turkish coffee


  • Too few grinding settings
  • Poor grind uniformity
  • Static buildup is a problem, especially for the Chambermaid system
  • Not ideal for French press or cold brew

4. Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 is an inexpensive and simple entry-level burr grinder. Available in two colors, black and red, its simplistic design won’t turn any heads. It is a relatively standard flat burr grinder with an incredibly low price tag. 

The BVMC-BMH23 has many of the basic features found in entry to mid-level burr grinders. It has a half-pound removable hopper for storing your beans. It uses a lock-in plastic chamber to collect your processed grinds. 

Nearly all of its constituent parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning. It grinds your beans in 18 different texture settings, somewhat uniformly.

The biggest issue this economy grinder faces is an incredibly limited range of coarseness. All 18 grind settings rest somewhere between French press and automatic drip. Using the finest setting for an espresso machine will leave your grinds too coarse, with shots pulling weak and watery. Even if you are using this machine for coarser grinds, you will be disappointed to find that it produces lackluster uniformity for a truly fantastic cup of coffee.
On the coarsest settings, an extremely fine coffee dust is mixed in with variably sized chunks of bean. This grinder is also notably messy, even more so than some blade grinders. The grinds chamber is prone to massive static buildup, and jumping coffee grinds are a regular occurrence.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to expensive burr grinders, only drink French press or drip coffee, and don’t mind imperfect uniformity, this Mr. Coffee burr grinder is a great value for the price. However, if you want to pull a decent shot of espresso, this grinder is simply not up to the task.


  • All the standard features of a burr grinder at a fraction of the cost
  • 18 grind settings produce somewhat uniform grinds
  • Better than similarly priced blade grinders
  • Competent for French press, cold brew, and drip coffee


  • Grind uniformity is subpar to conical burr grinders
  • Finest setting is too coarse for espresso, let alone Turkish
  • Lots of static buildup in chamber leads to mess
  • Coffee dust is present on all grind settings
  • Not recommended for use with any espresso machine

Our Best Pick: Mr. Coffee IDS57-4 Coffee Grinder