Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity

If you’re in the market for a new, small coffee grinder, the competition between the Baratza Encore vs. Bodum Bistro is a great place to start. Both grinders are small in stature yet large on power.

However, each of the devices provides different features. Depending on your overall preferences, you may prefer the Baratza Encore over the Bodum Bistro, or vice versa. Both grinders are fully electric, but that is where the similarity ends.

A great coffee grinder burr grinder will typically have several grind settings, allowing you to brew your coffee to different desirable strengths.

Between the Baratza Encore vs. Bodum Bistro, you’ll find two very individual devices, both offering very sought-after grind settings, design, and features, while still coming in at a reasonable price.

Our Overall Winner:
Capresso Infinity

As this Capresso Infinity vs. Bodum Bistro comparison shows, the Capresso Infinity is simply a winner on all fronts.

Especially on this price level it is a more than decent performer, easily outclassing his direct competitor.

The Infinity is convenient to use, easy on the eyers, and moderately priced. It's a perfect allrounder.

Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity:
Quick Overview

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Capresso Infinity

Build quality


Grind settings

Capresso Infinity


Capresso Infinity


Capresso Infinity

Overall winner

Capresso Infinity

Features: Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity

The Bodum Bistro and the Capresso Infinity have some noticeable similarities when it comes to features. In making a Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity comparison, we see that the real distinguishing factor comes down to grind settings (which we will dig into in more detail later).

The short of it here is that the Capresso Infinity has slightly more grind settings. Grind settings aside, both devices are very similar in what they can do. The Bodum Bistro has a timer that can be adjusted in 5-second intervals up to 20 seconds. The timer keeps its position, so multiple grinds can be done using the same grind and timer settings. This is useful for those that have a particular grind that they enjoy or prefer.

The Capresso Infinity beats the Bodum Bistro in the features that they commonly share. The Infinity has a timer as well, but one that goes up to 60 seconds in 5-second intervals. The device also includes a safety lock to help prevent any unfortunate grinding accidents. The speed on the grinder is slow and quiet, helping to prevent heat and static build-up as well.

Ultimately, as lower-end devices, neither device is exactly replete with features. They focus on a good, yet smell, set of features that they each do well. In this case, however, the Capresso Infinity simply allows for more variety for those features they have in common. This makes the winner between the two devices the Capresso Infinity.

Build Quality: Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity

The build between the Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity reveals two companies that went in slightly different directions when it came to what materials to use and how to design the structure.

A Capresso Infinity 560.01 review on build quality is fairly informative. Capresso uses commercial grade steel for their conical burrs. The housing for the device is composed of a die-cast zinc, making for a harder outer shell. Beyond this, everything else on the device is a hard plastic. This includes the container for the beans and the catcher for the ground coffee.

Capresso could have splurged a bit on the design for a higher quality material for the catcher. However, the design of the catcher is at least both visible and attractive. The Capresso Infinity is overall fairly small, at only 7.8 x 14.6 x 9.6 inches and around 4 lbs. The Bodum Bistro’s most interesting build feature is the borosilicate glass catcher. This glass helps to reduce the static buildup in the ground coffee and helps to avoid messes. To add for a firmer grip, Bodum wraps the dosing chamber in rubber. The top to the catcher is composed of a pliable silicone material. The rest of the device is plastic. This, of course, excludes the internals, such as the engines and other mechanical parts.
Bodum also uses a stainless steel for the conical burrs, helping to prevent rust issues.

As far as size goes, the Bodum Bistro is slightly smaller than its competitor, at 7.1 inches x 12.5 inches x 7.6 inches and also weighs in around 4 lbs. What then, is the key difference in build quality? Is rubber, glass, silicone and plastic superior to metal and plastic?That depends on your perspective. Most people tend to prefer metal construction for their household appliances, as it provides a classier look and feel. The color rubber on the Bodum Bistro could easily appeal to some, while feeling childish to others.
For build quality, both devices are solidly built on the inside and outside, depending on what you’re looking for. There’s no clear winner here as it comes down to user preference. As such, the build quality comparison comes down to a tie.

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Even though the Bodum Bistro is not the best grinder around, if you fancy flashy colors then it still might suite you better than the rest. The review dives in a bit deeper than this Bistro comparison.

Grind Settings: Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity

The grind settings are really where a Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity comparison shows the most obvious differences. The Bodum Bistro has 12 grind settings, set by rotating the base to individual markings. The markings are not entirely clear as to what they represent, although there is a guide under the lid of the hopper to help better understand these settings and how to get the best grind results. The grind can go from fine to coarse, but there is some bit of playing around with the settings to get the best result.

The Capresso Infinity has 16 possible grinds, split into four groups. Users can choose between Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Coarse, and can choose one of four settings for each of these. A bit of playing around with the grind between these four categories is necessary to know exactly what result is yielded, but at the least, there is a good indication of where along the coarse to fine spectrum these settings are located.

Both devices are capable of fairly fine grinds, however, the Capresso Infinity is capable of producing the very fine Turkish grind required for Turkish coffee. In this category, the Capresso Infinity shines through due to having easier to understand grind settings and more of them.

Price: Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity

The Bodum Bistro and the Capresso Infinity are similar priced devices. When looking at price, it is clear that a Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity comparison is a bit difficult. The close price range is part of why the two devices are direct competitors. However, whether one is better than the other comes down directly to the features, grind settings and build quality.

The Capresso has an overall wider set of grind settings (16, to the 12 found on the Bodum Bistro) while having a smaller capacity hopper and container. Both devices have a timer, leaving the only key differences between the two resting in the quality of the materials and the grind settings.

The Bodum Bistro’s higher quality container might be a draw for some, while those two extra grind settings on the Capresso might be a draw to others. However, the most important thing for any grinder is, well, the grind. To that effect, A Capresso Infinity 560 review pushes us more toward saying that the Capresso is a better deal for the price.

Aesthetics: Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity

When making a Bodum Bistro vs. Capresso Infinity comparison, the overall look and feel of the devices becomes somewhat important. The short story is this: The Bodum Bistro simply looks like a much cheaper device than the Capresso Infinity. Both devices are primarily plastic.

However, the Capresso Infinity has a form factor that looks a bit smoother. The physical presence of the Capresso Infinity shows a keen eye on design. The silver versions, in particular, have an attractive look to them. Meanwhile, the Bodum Bistro’s only unique aesthetic is in the fact that it comes in brighter, more fun color options.

Unfortunately, this does not give it an advantage over the smoother lines of the Capresso Infinity. As such, the winner in a Capresso Infinity vs Bodum Bistro comparison for aesthetics goes to the Capresso Infinity.

Overall winner: Capresso Infinity

The Capresso Infinity emerges a clear winner when comparing the major features and aspects of these two devices. Although the Bodum Bistro is a very good device with a large amount of individual appeal, it is slightly bettered by the Capresso Infinity.

Capresso is clearly competing with the Bodum Bistro for the same customers, and in having created a device that expands on the features found on the Bodum Bistro, makes a device that is ultimately enough better to make it a bit more attractive.

However, if you do want a kitchen device with more personality, the Bodum Bistro is going to be your pick. The Capresso Infinity has a wider range of grinding options, but it is certainly behind its competitor for variety in aesthetics.

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