Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore

Why did we do this Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore comparison? While there’s a finite amount of space in the coffee grinder industry, many companies end up producing relatively similar products. These also cost roughly the same amount of money and compete directly, such as the Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore (or if you already favor the latter, Baratza Encore vs. Capresso Infinity).

In order to differentiate these products from each, the companies typically include a few different secondary features. While it’s nice to have a few choices for your next grinder purchase, sometimes you may need a bit of help comparing similar models.
Luckily, we’re here to help with one versus one grinder comparisons. This time, we’ll be comparing the Capresso Infinity burr grinder with the Baratza Encore grinder. Shall we?

Our Overall Winner:
Capresso Infinity

This Infinity vs. Encore comparison is an interesting one, as these grinders are a perfect match for each other. 

The reason the Capresso Infinity ultimately stands out is that all of its great features come at a very competitive price. 

Besides price, looks are also important and the Encore looks simply a bit too dull. You can't go wrong with either of them though.

Quick Summary: Capresso Infinity vs.
Baratza Encore

Comparison metric



Baratza Encore

Build quality

Capresso Infinity

Grind settings

Baratza Encore


Capresso Infinity


Capresso Infinity

Overall winner

Capresso Infinity

Features: Baratza Encore vs. Capresso Infinity

The biggest difference in terms of features between the Capresso Infinity (aka the Capresso 560) and the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder is the implementation of auto-shutoff features. In the Capresso Infinity, this is achieved through the use of an automated timer. Based on settings the user inputs, the grinder operates for a certain amount of time, then stops, regardless of how many beans were ground.
In contrast, the Baratza Encore features no auto-shutoff functionality on its own. With the purchase of a Baratza Esatto, an accessory to the Encore, the unit can auto-shutoff based on weight. It used however much coffee is necessary to achieve its weight goal before shutting off.

Another important point of comparison between the two units is storage capacity. Both grinders feature a hopper for storing beans before they are ground, as well as a bin to hold beans that have already been ground. The sizes of each unit are similar, but not identical. The Capresso Infinity has a hopper size of 8.8 ounces of beans and a ground bin contained capable of holding 4 ounces. Meanwhile, the Baratza Encore features only an 8-ounce hopper, but a 5-ounce grounds bin.
The biggest difference, however, is the Baratza Encore’s ability to extend its hopper size. Baratza offers extension units, which can be stacked on top of the hopper for additional space. Each extension adds an additional 9 ounces of storage space to the grinder, and numerous extensions can be added to the same unit for people who need to store enormous amounts of beans.

Build Quality: Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore

In truth, the Baratza Encore and Capresso Infinity are very similar in terms of build quality. Both units are trying to capture the lower end of the prosumer market, which means that they are products that are better than your standard blade grinder, but still not ultra expensive. In order to achieve this, both companies opted for using metal parts when necessary, but plastic parts when unnecessary. While this doesn’t exactly give the Baratza Encore grinder or the Capresso Infinity the highest build quality in the world, it does mean that unit should last for a decent amount of time before failing.

According to a number of reviewers of both units on the internet, each of these machines tends to need some of its parts replaced every three to five years. Any decent Capresso Infinity review will point out how this is no big deal, as all of the parts inside of this grinder are replaceable. Fans of the Baratza Encore are likely to point out that the many of the parts inside this grinder too are replaceable and can be ordered through Baratza. Because both of these products have such a similar build quality, it’a difficult to pick a true winner for this section.

However, because Capresso is able to offer a replacement version of every single piece of the Infinity and seemed to break slightly less often (according to user reviews), we have to declare them the winner.

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As the Baratza Encore is a clear winner in this comparison, we decided to take an even more detailed look. 

Grind Settings: Baratza Encore vs. Capresso Infinity

Of all the sections in this review, grind settings is clearly the biggest difference in the case of the Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore. We’ll start by discussing the grind capacities of the Capresso Infinity. This unit offers a respectable 16 grind settings, which are split into four different categories (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Coarse). Each of these categories then four settings within it. The Extra Fine setting does a great job at producing even, consistent grinds that are small enough to work for espresso and even Turkish coffees. Other the other end, the Coarse settings are perfect for French presses. At all of the grind settings, the electric motor runs at less than 250 rpm, which keeps the unit quiet and cool while also ensuring a quick grind.

The Baratza Encore, on the other hand, offers a much wider range of grind settings. The user can select between 40 different unique settings, ranging from ultra fine to coarse. Again, the fine settings are good enough for espresso, and the coarse settings are suitable for French presses. However, the increased number of settings between these two extremes offers a lot more flexibility in finding the perfect grind setting for your preferred brewing method. The Baratza Encore runs at 250 rpm by default. However, the user can manually adjust the motor to run anywhere between 200 and 299 rpm.
Though both grinders do a similar job of actually grinding the beans, the Baratza Encore is a clear winner of this section due sheerly to its huge number of grind settings.

Price: Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore

As we’ve already mentioned, both the Baratza Encore and Capresso Infinity are aimed at the same niche in the coffee grinder industry, the low end prosumer market. Thus, it comes as no surprise that these products are both priced in the under $200 price range. Although both units are fantastic machines, when you're on a budget the Infinity comes at a far better price.

It’s true that the Encore offers more features and grind settings, but it also requires the purchase of the Esatto accessory to maximize its functionality. Overall, the Capresso Infinity seems to a better deal for your dollar.

Aesthetics: Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore

If you tally up who won each of the previous sections, you’ll see there’s no clear winner in the Capresso Infinity vs. Baratza Encore debate. Each side has two points, which makes aesthetics, a pointedly subjective topic, the deciding factor. Both of these units look rather smart in their stock black plastic shells with clear hoppers. They also have similar footprints and take up a minimal amount of counter space.

However, only the Capresso Infinity offers other colors: brushed silver and stainless steel. Because of these color options, the Capresso Infinity is more likely to match the other equipment in your kitchen and thus is more aesthetically pleasing.

Overall Winner: Capresso Infinity

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