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New: Coffee Makers! Let's Grind Some Coffee started by covering coffee grinders. This year we expanded into covering espresso machines as well, as these make a perfect match. But, not every one likes espresso, so we decided to include ever more different types of coffee makers. We will cover every type of coffee making: From fancy drip coffee makers for those who find aesthetics equally important, to pour overs for those looking for the artisan feel.

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Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers
Pour over coffee makers give you a truly artisan feel, as it requires some craft to get it right (along with a bit of patience). If you do it well, you'll end up with some of the smoothest coffee you'll ever get. 
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High-end coffee makers

Best High-End Coffee Makers
Who says drip coffee makers only need to be simple? In this article we take a look at some devices which show that even a simple method like drip coffee making can be perfected, including a WiFi coffee maker.
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