Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly

In a Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly competition, the real winner is the consumer. Both products sport unique and interesting designs, with a varied set of functions and features that are highly attractive for any coffee and espresso aficionado. And if Mazzer had their way, it’s likely all burr grinders would have unique name. They would also likely all be from Mazzer.

Mazzer’s line of burr grinders buck some conventional trends for most burr grinders and sit at the top price tier for these types of devices as well. If you’re in the market for only the best, Mazzer may be your stopping point. Even still, you’ll have a bit of a tough decision when choosing among Mazzer’s product line.

Below, we put both products head to head in a Mazzer Super Jolly review and a Mazzer mini review. We’ve compared these two devices on their advertised specs, including features, grind settings/coarseness, build quality, price, and aesthetics. Both devices are fairly attractive in what they offer, so making a decision could be a bit of a challenge.

Our Overall Winner:
Mazzer Super Jolly

Both the Mazzer Mini and Super Jolly are excellent devices and neither of them will disappoint.

However, the Super Jolly has slightly better grinds as well as a timer and allows for grind measurement. 

Basically the Super Jolly is the more commercial-minded of the two, but that's not to say the Mini isn't. Both come in very close in the comparison. As they are very close in pricing as well, the Super Jolly wins by a bit just because it is a little more feature-rich.

Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly: Quick Overview

Comparison metric



Mazzer Mini

Build quality


Grind settings

Mazzer Super Jolly


Mazzer Super Jolly



Overall winner

Mazzer Super Jolly

Features: Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly

Both the Mazzer Mini and the Super Jolly are feature-rich devices. However, when put side by side, a Mazzer Super Jolly vs Mazzer Mini match-up shows the unique differences that exist between the two devices. Both devices are commercial-grade coffee and espresso bean grinders. As such, their features are right in touch with what anyone running a small coffee shop would want.

Both devices feature a quiet, low speed 1600 RPM motor. Both devices use a flat burr in the hopper, although the sizes are different. As a larger device designed for high volumes, the Super Jolly has larger grinding burrs (64 mm) and a more powerful motor (350 watts). The Mazzer Mini has slightly smaller grinding burrs at 68 mm, and a noticeably weaker motor with a 250-watt output.

Both devices feature fairly large hopper capacities. The Mazzer Super Jolly has a large hopper that can hold 2.7 pounds of unground beans. The Mazzer Mini lives up to its name, with a smaller capacity of 1.3 pounds. Both devices are much bigger than your average home grinder, leading more toward their purpose in smaller- to mid-sized coffee shops. The Mazzer Super Jolly does have two features that are not found on the Mazzer Mini: a timer and a precise grind measure.

The timer allows you to set the device and avoid having to constantly watch for it to be completed. The precise grind measure means you’ll be able to easily determine where your grind setting is located.

Both devices have precise dosing available. The Mazzer Super Jolly allows for dosing between 5.5 grams and 9 grams at a time. The Mazzer Mini’s dosing depends on which version of the device you acquire.
Type A has a digital display for dosing, Type B uses a manual dosing funnel, and the Flat Burr (which is the most popular with the best price) version utilizes manual doser on the front. Type A in particular allows for between 4 to 16 grams of ground beans per dose.

A Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly comparison on features is a bit of a difficult choice. Both devices have similar features, but also have individual aspects to them that make them unique. Because the Mazzer Mini has more options based on having different models, it emerges the winner for the features category.

Build Quality: Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly

Mazzer’s products are well known for their high quality design and construction. However, both devices are designed with slightly different builds because they are, in fact designed for slightly different purposes. A Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly comparison on build quality really comes down to size differences.

The Mazzer Mini is much smaller in dimension, at only 6.25 x 13.25 x 16.5 inches. Its small stature is its namesake, and the smaller burr grinder (58 mm diameter) on the device is also part of the package. Meanwhile, the Mazzer Super Jolly is 9.5 x 16.5 x 24 inches, a size difference that is hard to miss. The larger burr size (64 mm diameter) matches the larger overall size and capacity. Both devices are crafted out of high-quality stainless steel with flat, steel burrs.

As far as build quality goes, these devices are basically identical. The only differences that exist are the differences in size. The real question is whether that size difference equates to a difference in quality. Ultimately, it doesn’t. Each device serves a function that it fits into nicely, and Mazzer did not skimp on the material quality for either device. As such, a Mazzer Super Jolly vs Mini comparison on build quality results in a tie.

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Grind Settings: Mazzer Super Jolly vs. Mini

Both the Mazzer Super Jolly and the Mazzer Mini are known for their stepless micrometric grind adjustment. Both devices have a simple lever under the hopper that allows for quick and easy grind adjustments on the fly. This feature results in no specified number of grind settings on either device.

Unfortunately, that puts a little bit of guesswork into the process, especially for the Mazzer Mini, which does not have a way of determining how far the knob has been turned. The Mazzer Mini has no stopping point to its knob, which can be turned continuously, so it can become easy to get confused on what the exact coarseness setting is.

The Mazzer Jolly does have a stopping point for the knob, so the adjustment can be memorized more easily. Both devices are capable of very coarse grinds or very fine grinds, even up to the ultrafine grinds required for Turkish coffee.

However, because the Mazzer Mini lacks an easy grind memory, a Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly comparison on grind settings goes to the Mazzer Super Jolly.

Price: Mazzer Super Jolly vs. Mini

As stated earlier, a Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly comparison is a bit of a tough one. Both devices have vastly different listing prices, but have discounted prices that make them equivalent. The Mazzer Super Jolly has a list price of $1,385, while the Mazzer Mini has a list price of $899. However, discounts can bring these devices to a similar price level.

Discounts on these devices come and go, but as it stands, the two devices can be purchased for almost identical prices. As such, a Mazzer Mini vs Mazzer Super Jolly comparison on price has to come down on the side of the Super Jolly. The discount makes it far too appealing to pass over.

But that holds true only when the discount is available. Otherwise, the Mazzer Mini is a better option.

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Aesthetics: Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly

Both the Mazzer Super Jolly and the Mazzer mini are fun devices to look at. However, neither device is designed to be a show stopper. These grinders were made to do heavy duty grinder.

They are both commercial grinders and they look the part. The stainless steel on both grinders is fairly attractive, giving a nice appealing and modern look that would look good in any coffee shop, or even any kitchen countertop that could find the space to fit them in. A Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly comparison on aesthetics ultimately comes down to a tie.

While both devices have slightly different looks, they Mazzer Mini looks far too much like a pint-sized little brother of the Mazzer Super Jolly. Mazzer did not spare the expense on design quality but did not care too much for changing aesthetics.

Overall winner: Mazzer Super Jolly

The Mazzer Super Jolly wins overall in a Mazzer Mini vs. Super Jolly comparison. Although the devices are very similar, the Super Jolly offers more power and more control of the grind.

This becomes all the more important in a fast-paced coffee shop, especially where knowing exactly which grind you’re doing is very important.

Nevertheless, the Mazzer Mini is an attractive device, and having several models makes it a very desirable product to own.

Overall Winner: Mazzer Super Jolly