Porlex Grinder Review

This Porlex grinder review focuses on the unique qualities of this product, but also on just what it can do as the Porlex JP-30 stainless steel coffee grinder is almost as artistic as it is functional. Designed and manufactured in Japan, this hand-powered coffee grinder is also one of the most popular grinders you will find. Porlex does away with the complexity that comes with electric grinders, instead couching the grinding functionality into a comparatively small and sleek tube.

It’s easy to assume that the Porlex JP-30 is an uninteresting device. However, Porlex packs a lot of power into a very simple device. The stainless steel makes it one of the easiest to clean and easiest to keep clean devices you’re going to find. The ceramic conical burrs provide a pleasing amount of grinding power. The small size makes it good for keeping around in almost any kitchen, and because the device can come apart, the Porlex JP-30 stainless steel coffee grinder is also one of the easiest to store and transport.

Who knows? You may be taking this handy and useful coffee grinder with you everywhere you go, just in case you need to grind a few beans on the road.

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Due to its simplicity, our Porlex grinder review reveals some easy to understand and very accessible features for this product. The Porlex features a detachable handle that can be used to turn the ceramic burrs.
These ceramic, conical burrs are also removable, making them easy to clean after each use of the grinder. The Porlex grinder features a reasonable 30-gram capacity, which is enough for a typical 16-ounce cup of coffee.

You’ll also find that the Porlex coffee grinder is easy to pull apart in the middle. Getting access to your freshly ground coffee is and uncomplicated matter. Perhaps the most desirable feature for the Porlex JP-30 is its overall simplicity. The coffee goes in easily through the top, and the grind can take anywhere from 60-90 seconds for 30 ounces, depending on just how much muscle strength you’re willing to commit to each grind.

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Build Quality

One of the most favorited features on the Porlex JP-30, and one that our Porlex grinder review emphasizes, is the extremely good build quality on this device. Porlex specializes in grinders, and it shows through this hand grinder. As we stated earlier, the Porlex coffee grinder was made and manufactured in Japan, Osaka to be specific. This device mimics what many have come to know and love about Japanese culture and design.

The materials used are all extremely high quality, from the handle down to the ceramic conical burrs. The entire device is made to last, and designed to be extremely easy to take apart for cleaning and servicing.

Grind Settings

The lack of grind features we find in our Porlex grinder review should not be too concerning. After all, the Porlex hand grinder was made to do just that: grind simply, quickly and easily by hand. This coffee grinder does have adjustability in the grind setting, but you will not find the same type of extensive grind setting adjustment options as you would find on an electric grinder.

Should you feel the need to change the grind settings on the Porlex grinder, you can do so by either attaching or removing a small piece from the conical burrs. This attachment allows you to either tighten the burrs for a finer grind, or widen them for a coarser grind. What the Porlex JP-30 stainless steel grinder lacks in grind settings it makes up for in ease of use. Although a bit of strength is needed to get the most out of the grinder, it does provide a highly-praised grind.

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When conducting this Porlex grinder review, we’ve found that this device comes at a fairly low price. One can obtain the Porlex hand grinder for as low as $39.99 Because of its ease of use, good quality and fairly low price, this Porlex grinder may often be sold out .

That said, it’s usually always being sold by someone, and it is fairly easy to obtain, even at the lowest price points. The low price and the great quality make this one of the most highly sought-after hand grinders. There are several other hand grinders with a similar design, some of which may come at a cheaper price.

However, we find that the quality and customer ratings on these devices are not nearly as positive as the Porlex device. Porlex simply uses much higher quality materials than some of the brands selling similar devices for $10-$20 less.


As we researched for our Porlex grinder review, we found that the Porlex grinder is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing devices that you will find. Its picture does not give a very good indication of its size. This device is extremely small, lightweight and durable. It is only 1.85 inches in diameter and a very tiny 7.5 inch tall. It fits in the hand easily, and the smooth surface is polished and pleasing to look at.

Porlex uses an attracted stainless steel to help protect both the outside and the inside from any sort of potential rust damage or scuffing. The handle is sturdy and easy to use. Overall, you’ll find that the Porlex JP-30 is one of the most pleasing hand grinders you can find and use. It fits well with almost any kitchen decor and is assuming enough that it won’t steal the show if you have another piece of kitchenware that you want to make your centerpiece.

Still, you’re likely going to want to pull this Porlex coffee grinder off the shelf when friends or family come over, and perhaps give them a go at grinding a few beans themselves.

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