Top 10 Best Selling Coffee Grinders

Nowadays, many brands spend substantially more money on marketing than they do on the actual manufacturing of their products. Unsurprisingly, modern sales figures seldom reflect a product’s true quality or value, but rather customer perception. Still, it is quite beneficial to keep sales in mind. While a strong marketing push could only maintain sales of a subpar product for a short period of time, products that continue to sell well beyond their launch window can be considered “proven,” as reviews, social media, and word of mouth continue to drive sales.

There are also some breakaway exceptions, brands that reach top-seller status without any marketing to speak of. This is more common in niche industries, and specialty coffee can be considered one such industry.

While many of the best selling coffee grinders are supported by the aforementioned marketing of behemoth brands such as KitchenAid and Hamilton Beach, there are a considerable amount of top-selling grinders coming from relatively small brands like Baratza and Hario. For this reason, it is a worthwhile pursuit to evaluate this list of best-selling coffee grinders.

The Best Selling Coffee Grinder of 2017

After going through many existing coffee grinder reviews, we have compiled a list that shows you the best selling coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Selling Grinder of 2017
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The KRUPS F203 is the #1 selling coffee grinder in the US, offered at an incredibly low price. It is one of the best blade grinders around, but we would advise a burr grinder for better grinding results.


HB 80365

Coming in at an even lower price is the Hamilton Beach 80365 blade grinder. Unfortunately money has been saved on its build quality. Even though it gives you decent results, this grinder won't last long.


Hario Skerton

The Hario Skerton is the best selling hand grinder in the US. It offers excellent grind quality and coarseness, lasts a life long and has a very attractive price. If you don't mind hand grinding, this is your best bet.

1. KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades

While most of the conglomerates mentioned in this article hail from North America, it is surprising to find that the best selling grinder comes from French based Groupe SEB. The F203 is developed by KRUPS, a German subsidiary of this French conglomerate. This best selling grinder is very generic, in both design and function, offering little to differentiate itself from the pack.

It would be redundant to delve into the details of this grinder, especially because we have a fairly detailed write up in our KRUPS article. The main takeaway, however, is that the KRUPS F203 is a standard blade grinder with a powerful motor and large grinds bowl. Its main advantage comes from its build quality and longevity, said to last three to five times longer than similarly priced devices.

It is hard to conclude that brand recognition is the reason the F203 is the best selling grinder, especially because the list is heavily populated with far more recognizable North American brands. The F203’s success, then, can be attributed to its excellent build quality and longevity, a quality conspicuously missing from Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, and Cuisinart products.

2. Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach’s wide-reaching brand recognition has scored them a second top-selling grinder, the 80365. This blade grinder, dubbed as “hands-free,” is a unique take on the generic designs found on most Hamilton Beach grinders. It introduces several convenient features, including a timer and a removable grinds chamber.

The timing and quantity controls of the 80365 are truly more convenient than the standard pulse operation of most blade grinders. The removable grinds chamber is also a welcome addition and goes a long way in keeping your countertops clean. Beyond all the typical issues of blade class grinders, the Hamilton Beach 80365 also suffers from a subpar build quality.

While it was easy to conclude that the previous Hamilton Beach grinder owed its sales strictly to brand recognition, the case of the 80365 is not so cut and dry. Its grinder design is a legitimate improvement over the standard, and it is priced $5-$15 lower than grinders with similar features. This leads us to believe that informed, qualified consumers have an unbiased preference for this machine.

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3. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

The Japanese glass manufacturer, Hario, seems to have found a strong, loyal niche within the specialty coffee industry. Hario’s Skerton, its best-selling product in North America, is a fantastic glass built hand-operated burr mill.

Producing the sort of quality results that should seem impossible at its price range, the Hario Skerton is an incredibly versatile device. There are simply no other products outside the Hario line that can compete with the Skerton’s price to performance ratio. Outside of the obvious inconveniences associated with manual burr grinders, the Skerton’s main drawback is decreased uniformity on coarser grinds.

Originally sold in specialty coffee shops and niche ecommerce websites, the success of the Hario Skerton can only be attributed to ground-up, word of mouth marketing. Qualified coffee aficionados have determined that the Skerton is an incredible value, and have been eagerly sharing their love for the device in the last several years.

4. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Burr Mill

In a seemingly long list of multibillion-dollar mega-corporations to populate these sales charts, Cuisinart is one of the more modest examples. Its DBM-8 burr grinder is a direct competitor to the Mr. Coffee machine found at number 6. Like the Mr. Coffee grinder, the DBM-8 main advantage comes from its extremely low price point. It is one of a mere handful of electric burr grinders sold under $50.

With more features, a sleeker design, and slightly better overall performance, the DBM-8 seems to be a better value than its Mr. Coffee counterpart. Of course, being one of the cheapest burr grinders has its disadvantages, and the DBM-8 has an abundance of issues, from grind uniformity to coffee dust.

Even without Cuisinart’s brand and marketing, it is easy to see how the DBM-8 would be a popular device. It is competent for most home grinding applications, and its price is hard to beat. If this device lost its Cuisinart branding but maintained its low price, it is not unfathomable that it would still be on the bestseller list.

5. Hario MSS-1B Mini Coffee Mill Slim Grinder

A Japanese company with nearly non-existent marketing presence in North America, Hario has gained a strong user base within the specialty coffee industry for their incredibly functional, low-priced hand mills. The Hario Slim, based on Hario’s popular Skerton model, is the cheapest grinder of its kind.

Boasting the sort of performance you would expect from a much more expensive specialty grinder, the Hario Slim is perhaps the most cost effective method of producing a uniform coffee grind. It is not a perfect product by any means, notably less convenient than electric alternatives due to the amount of labor involved in producing a small amount of grinds.

Not the most popular Hario product available, the Slim owes its sales to the excellent reputation of the Skerton. With zero marketing and weak brand recognition outside of the specialty coffee niche, it is safe to say that the sales of the Hario Slim are driven by a highly qualified and informed crowd.

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Including the #1 on this list, the F203, KRUPS offers a number of very popular blade coffee grinders.

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If you are willing to spend a bit more, Bodum will be a good choice when it comes to grind quality, design and price.

6. Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder with 18 Custom Grinds

Mr. Coffee is yet another brand on this list that is supported by a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. It is also important to note that Mr. Coffee’s claim to fame occurred after a series of celebrity endorsements and high budget marketing contracts. The BVMC-BMH23, one of their newer offerings, is a very inexpensive electric burr grinder for the entry-level.

There are not a lot of great things to say about this grinder. Its build quality is suspect, and its coarseness range is very limited. Furthermore, it is known to produce nearly as much coffee dust as blade grinders. This is however perfectly reasonable, given just how inexpensive it is.

Considering the BVMC-BMH23’s decent rating and incredibly competitive price, it is likely that its sales are generated by budding coffee enthusiasts looking for the most affordable segue into burr grinders. While the brand name is sure to have helped this grinder achieve its sales, there are very few analogous products that can compete with its price.

7. Capresso 560.04 Capresso Infinity Commercial Grade Conical Burr Grinder

While Capresso is also a subsidiary of a multinational corporation, it does not have the same marketing funds available as KitchenAid or Hamilton Beach. It does, however, hold the advantage of being exclusively a coffee geared brand.

The Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is part of Capresso’s mid-range grinder line, and it offers an abundance of features for a relatively low price. The Capresso 560 is a fairly solid device, and its pros definitely outweigh the cons, especially at its current price point. It has a few issues, including an inconsistent timer function and a lack of an airtight seal on its hopper, but these are quite minor.

Taking into account the 560’s great value and high average review score would lead us to believe that its sales are not merely a product of marketing hype. This is a good grinder, and people seem happy to recommend it to others.

8. KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid is another appliance giant with a disproportionate marketing budget. KitchenAid’s BCG111ER is their top-of-the-line blade grinder, featuring a sleek design and some convenient advantages over competing grinders.

As explained in our KitchenAid article, the BCG111ER is an exceptional blade grinder. With an above average build quality, attractive design, and a removable grinds bowl, it stands apart from the sea of generic grinders available for sale.

While its sales may be mostly driven by brand recognition, the product’s high ratings, convenient features, great build quality, and sleek design are at least in part responsible for its sales. With that being said, this is one of the priciest blade grinders available for sale, and it would be hard to imagine a small brand achieving the same sales figures at such a high markup.

9. Hamilton Beach 80335 Fresh-Grind Coffee Grinder

One of the aforementioned multinational conglomerates, Hamilton Beach has several products on Amazon’s best selling grinders list. The first is its 80335 Fresh-Grind Coffee Grinder, a very inexpensive generic blade grinder.

For reasons outlined in our Hamilton Beach article, this is a subpar grinder. While few companies can sell their products for as cheap as Hamilton Beach, this price was not achieved without compromises. The 80335 is generic, poorly built, and has a very short lifespan.

The Hamilton Beach 80335 coming in at number 9 is a fantastic example of marketing over substance. With mere overall ratings, this grinder’s position on this list does not seem to be justified. With dozens of inexpensive blade grinders available, the main driving force behind the 80335’s sales seems to be brand recognition.

10. Baratza Encore - Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza is a highly respected brand within the specialty coffee industry, known for their high-quality European-made burrs. The Encore is Baratza’s entry-level device, and the cheapest offering available from the brand.
It bodes well for the specialty coffee market that such as a small brand can compete in sales with multinational conglomerates with billion dollar marketing budgets.

The Baratza Encore can be found on several of our top 10 lists, including our Find The Best Burr Grinder article. It is a high-performance conical burr grinder that produces great grind uniformity in 40 different grind settings, from coarse to fine. While it suffers from some build quality issues, it is still a great value for the intermediate coffee hobbyist.

The Baratza Encore’s great sales figures are entirely justified, and we are surprised that this powerful machine didn’t rank higher on the list. This, however, can be attributed to its higher price point in comparison to other best sellers.

Our Best Pick: KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder