Top 10: The Best Cheap Coffee Grinder in 2017

“Why are you looking for the best cheap coffee grinder?” This is an all too common reaction from coffee buffs that can’t imagine life without their Baratza.“ Invest a little more, and you can get a great conical burr grinder!”

Specialty coffee drinkers can get a little too caught up comparing and contrasting blades, stainless steel conical burrs, flat ceramic burrs etc., forgetting that not everyone cares to make a full-fledged hobby out of their coffee drinking. There is definitely something to be said about not going too cheap, but it is important to distinguish between cheap quality and good value. Besides, even the worst grinder serves as a major upgrade from pre-ground coffee.

As such, this article is dedicated to cheap grinders under $60, or as we like to call them, the best budget coffee grinder. It will help you make the aforementioned distinction between generic “cheap” grinders, and cheap coffee grinders that also provide a great value for your dollar.
All the products on this list fall into the latter category, and will be placed in order of cost effectiveness, not merely price. So read on for the best cheap coffee grinders on the market.

The Best Cheap Coffee Grinder of 2017

After going through many existing coffee grinder reviews, we have compiled a list that shows you the best cheap coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Cheap Grinder of 2017
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Delonghi Coffee Grinder

The Delonghi coffee grinder is one of the cheapest coffee grinders available, while still offering more than decent grind quality and consistency. Its great look also makes it attractive to look at.


Hario MSS-1B Mini

The Hario Slim (also called Hario Mini)is one of the cheapest coffee grinders around, while still providing for good ground quality. It's the smaller version of the Hario Skerton (#3 on our list), which is a bit more expensive.


Hario Skerton Coffee Mill

As the bigger brother of the #1, the Hario Skerton offers the same grind quality. It can easily compete with far more pricier grinders when it comes to grind coarseness. It's slightly higher price makes it #3.

1. DeLonghi Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder

This DeLonghi stainless steel flat burr machine is not the cheapest on the list, but still makes the cutoff for what is considered a cheap grinder. Only $10 more expensive than the Cuisinart DBM-8, the DeLonghi is a huge improvement in overall value.

Firstly, this is the best-looking burr grinder of the bunch, and will look fantastic in your kitchen. Secondly, it is the most convenient, featuring a discrete quantity adjustment by cups, as opposed to just a timer. Its build quality is also unparalleled by other burr grinders on the list. Lastly, the DeLonghi produces a slightly more uniform grind, and is actually capable of competently grinding for a double-walled espresso portafilter.

Like the other two burr grinders on this list, the DeLonghi produces fines, suffers from static cling, and struggles on the finest settings. While it was noted that the DeLonghi is indeed capable of servicing some espresso machines, it is still a far cry from ideal.
Its beautiful design, noted convenience features, and broader coarseness spectrum make the DeLonghi Stainless Steel Burr Grinder a great value. While it is not without its issues, you will struggle to find such a complete package under $100. This is one of the best budget coffee grinders, and almost certainly the best in the burr category.

2. Hario MSS-1B Mini Coffee Mill Slim Grinder

As the name suggests, the Hario Slim is a slimmer version of the Skerton. While it isn’t as popular as the Skerton, it is every bit as good. It uses the same high precision ceramic burrs, producing the same excellent grinds uniformity. Like the Skerton, the Hario Slim can be adjusted to achieve any conceivable grind from French press to Espresso.

One notable improvement over the Skerton comes in the form of quantity measurement, markings that indicate how much ground coffee is ideal for one or two cups of coffee. Given its more compact form, it is also more comfortable to hold and crank. And most relevant to this list, it is one of the cheapest manual burr grinders available.

Given their shared lineage, the Hario Slim has all the same issues with convenience as the Skerton. Without surprise, the Slim also has the same issues with wobbling burrs on its coarsest settings. In this list of the best cheap coffee grinders, only the Skerton can compare to the value of the Hario Slim. While the blade grinders outlined above struggle to achieve any semblance of uniformity, for the same price, the Hario Slim easily produces a near café level of uniformity. Not only does it outperform every electric burr grinder on this list, it also outperforms significantly pricier ones. Without a doubt, the Hario Slim is the best cheap manual coffee grinder anywhere.

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3. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

A top 10 list of the best cheap coffee grinders just wouldn’t be complete without the Hario Skerton. There is a reason this manual hand mill is so often recommended to novice and advanced coffee drinkers alike. For a mere $30, you get a machine that outperforms many $200 conical burr models, and it does this with style.

Its grinds are much more uniform than those produced by the electric burr mills on this list, and coffee dust is virtually non-existent. This cheap grinder also has a much wider coarseness range, easily achieving the fineness necessary for nearly all espresso machines.

While it is undoubtedly a great value, this machine is not for everyone. It requires manual labor, has long grind times, and only produces a few cups worth of grinds at a time. To nitpick further, its uniformity is not consistent throughout the coarseness spectrum, as wobbling burrs can create some variation in particle size.All of the downsides are easily forgotten given the Skerton’s price. There is only one device under $50 that can compete with the Skerton’s incredible performance, and that device is outlined above. The dollar for dollar value of the Skerton cannot be overstated, given its high-end performance and low-end price. This may be a cheap coffee grinder, but it sure doesn’t perform like one.

4. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder IDS77

Mr. Coffee’s IDS77 is a blade grinder like some of the previous entries but is notably less generic. On top of the standard features of a blade grinder, the IDS77 introduces a digital timer for three levels of coarseness, a removable grinds chamber, and a ribbed interior design called the “chamber maid,” which supposedly aids in dislodging particles.

On the downside, the “chamber maid” system does not work as advertised and actually creates more crevices for grinds to become lodged under. The timer can be convenient for some uses, but is not all that reliable; check out the Mr. Coffee article for a full explanation of why. Finally, this grinder is not immune to the follies of its blade design and suffers from many of the same issues found on generic grinders.

Despite the misdirected marketing hype of its “chamber maid” system, the IDS77 is actually a very feature packed device. Its removable grinds bowl alone makes it considerably more convenient than the more generic device on this list. By merit of its features alone, the IDS77 is a more cost effective purchase than most blade grinders of its price range. It is one of the best cheap coffee grinders available.

5. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Burr Mill

Cuisinart’s DBM-8 is another cheap coffee grinder, a flat burr machine that is slightly pricier than the Mr. Coffee outlined at number seven. The Cuisinart reproduces every feature of the cheaper Mr. Coffee and even has the same exact number of grind settings. However, it has two major advantages: it produces substantially less fines on each grind, and it features a timer for convenience.

Like the Mr. Coffee burr grinder, the DBM-8 suffers from subpar grind uniformity, static cling, some coffee dust, an incapacity for espresso grinds, and is prone to causing just as much of a mess in your kitchen. The DBM-8 is also known to clog, requiring a little bit more maintenance than is usual for burr grinders.

Even when compared to the less expensive Mr. Coffee, however, it is clear that the DBM-8 provides a better value. Its price-related drawbacks are not as extreme, and it is a more convenient device by virtue of its included timer. You won’t be pulling any decent espresso shots with this grinder, but it can be a great value for a novice drinking French press or drip.

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Hamilton Beach

If you are in the market for a blade grinder, Hamilton Beach is a popular choice for many type of grinders.

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If you are willing to spend a bit more, Bodum will be a good choice when it comes to grind quality, design and price.

6. Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Coffee Grinder

While the Bodum Bistro is not the cheapest blade grinder in its class, it is a fairly exceptional one for its range. Features wise, it is fairly standard, and does exactly what you would expect a blade grinder to do—it just does it slightly better. Its distinguishing characteristic is a sturdy build and a very ergonomic rubber finish. Its convenient cord storage doesn’t hurt either.

While the rubber finish is nice for the most part, it can be a double-edged sword in particularly dusty kitchens. The rubber is a dust and particulate magnet, and will require frequent cleaning. Beyond that, it is still just a blade grinder, and should only be used for finer grinds such as drip and Turkish.

The Bodum Bistro is definitely a little bit pricier than some entry-level grinders, but its advantage in build quality and overall comfort give it an important edge in value. If you are set on buying a blade grinder, this one will last you for years.

7. Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder BMH23

Mr. Coffee’s BVMC-BMH23 is a very cheap grinder and the cheapest electric burr grinder on this list. This is a fully-fledged flat burr grinder, equipped with an airtight bean hopper, a removable grinds container, flat steel burrs, and a modest 18 texture settings. None of these features are particularly exceptional, but it’s hard to complain when this grinder is priced as low as some blade grinders.

As expected at this price point, there are several notable issues. Although this is a burr grinder, it struggles to achieve uniformity of grinds and often produces unwanted fines. Its 18 texture settings are also not suitable for anything finer than drip, thus espresso grinds are off the table. Finally, it is a very messy grinder, owing to static cling, clogging chutes, and poor grinds container design.

Although it is easy to say “you get what you pay for,” with this grinder, the truth is that you get quite a bit more. There are very few grinders that can accomplish so much at such a low price. Yes, there are issues, but this is not a surprise for the cheapest burr grinder available. It is definitely an upgrade from blade grinders, in both quality of grinds and convenience, and definitely, presents a great value.

8. Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

The E160BY is one of two blade grinders produced by the Proctor Silex brand. It is one of the cheapest offerings, albeit quite standard. The main reason this grinder made it to this list is its longevity, which is akin to the decade-long lifetime found on KRUPS products. It also features a retractable cord design, which is rare for a blade grinder of its price.

While suffering all the disadvantages common to blade grinders, the E160BY’s design also lends to some unique issues. Firstly, its ridges and curves create an abundance of opportunities for lodged grinds, making it messier than more generic designs. Its grind bowl is also smaller than the KRUPS, capping out at less than 10 cups worth of coffee grinds.

Like the KRUPS grinder, the E160BY secured its place on this list with build quality. It is rare to see a $15 grinder have a lifespan of longer than a year, let alone the E160BY’s reported five to ten year lifespan. If all you need is a basic blade grinder and do not see yourself upgrading anytime soon, this cheap coffee grinder fits the bill.

9. KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

The KRUPS F203 is described as an all-in-one grinder for coffee, spice, and nuts, but don’t let that fool you. The F203 is a very standard blade coffee grinder, not any more or less capable of grinding other substances.
Aside from the slightly misleading marketing, KRUPS does have a key advantage over other grinders in its class. It’s built fairly well. Customers have reported using their F203’s for nearly a decade, making it one of the most durable entry-level devices on the market.

As the Hamilton Beach grinder above, the KRUPS F203 has all the shortcomings associated with blade grinders. Minor issues specific to this model include difficult cleanup and a sticking switch.

While the KRUPS F203 is not as cheap as the Hamilton Beach 80350, its superior build quality makes it a much more sensible investment. If customer reviews are to be believed, the longevity of the KRUPS makes it almost ten times more cost effective.

10. Hamilton Beach 80350 Coffee Grinder

The Hamilton Beach 80350 is a fairly generic grinder that accomplishes the bare minimum to keep its price low—very low. This is by far the cheapest coffee grinder on this entire list. It uses a high RPM motor to pulverize your coffee beans; it is turned on by a switch on the front face and features a safety lock to disengage its blades when not in use. Like we said, this grinder is very generic.

Its issues are too many to condense into this list, but if you are interested, check out our Hamilton Beach write up here. In short, it suffers from all the issues that plague blade grinders, with the added drawback of having abysmal build quality. You’ll be lucky to get more than a year of use out of this machine.

Given, however, that build quality issues are nearly universal amongst cheap grinders, the $10 price tag can make the machine’s inevitable failure less painful. If you are on an extremely tight budget, have uncontrollable cravings for freshly ground coffee, and aren’t planning on using it for more than a year, there are definitely worse ways to spend $10.

Our Best Pick: Delonghi Coffee Grinder