Top 5: The Best Turkish Coffee Grinder

If you want to fully enjoy Turkish coffee, you need the best Turkish coffee grinder capable of producing the finest grinds. Turkish coffee is both one of the most popular and most misunderstood styles of brewing coffee in the world, partly because many people don't fully understand the role of the Turkish coffee grinder.

This confusion likely arises because so many low-end coffee grinders claim to be able to grind beans to the ultra-fine consistency required for a proper cup of Turkish coffee, but aren't actually able to achieve this. Unless you're willing to shell out hundreds of dollars of cash to purchase a commercial grade unit that can reliably achieve this grind, chances are you'll need to purchase a Turkish coffee grinder.

These days, there's lots to consider when looking for the best Turkish coffee grinder.
It seems there are thousands of grinders on the market, each with their own unique selling points. Frankly, the choices can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to help you sort out what features are worth considering and which models offer the best value. The following list details five of the best Turkish coffee grinders on the market, to help get you one step closer to sipping that delicious and curiously strong cup of traditionally prepared Turkish coffee.

The Best Turkish Coffee Grinder of 2018

After going through many existing coffee grinder reviews, we have compiled a list that shows you the best Turkish coffee grinder.
Based on features, convenience, performance, excellent build quality and great value for your money, we present you:
The Best Turkish Coffee Grinder of 2018


Zassenhaus Havanna

The Zassenhaus Turkish mill has the distinctive Turkish coffee mill design, combined the high quality Zassenhaus is known for which means you will be using this Turkish grinder for many, many years.


Pepper Mill Imports 11"

Pepper Mill Import specializes in Turkish coffee mills and this is their one of their best sellers. Sporting a traditional with an friendly price point, this grinder is a good start into making Turkish coffee.


Turkish Grinder 8,5"

This Turkish coffee grinder is an entry-level model from Turkish Coffee World, a specialised importing company. It doesn't look as refined as number #1 and #2, yet at this price point is worth checking out.

1. Zassenhaus Havanna Espresso Grinder 

Zassenhaus has developed a sterling reputation for themselves in the coffee community for their aesthetically pleasing and durable products, and the Zassenhaus Turkish mill seems to be no expectation to this trend.

This quality coffee grinder is adjustable to produce a wide variety of grinds, including the fine grind necessary to properly brew Turkish coffee.

The only downside to the Zassenhaus coffee mill is its price point, which is quite high for a manual grinder. However, the extremely rugged nature of this product guarantees that this grinder will keep on grinding for decades. It's also quite an attractive piece to add to any coffee aficionado’s collection.


  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • The product features an attractive design.
  • It's durably produced and will last decades with proper care.
  • The Zassenhaus coffee mill does a beautiful job of grinding beans to a number of different consistencies.
  • Its small size makes it perfect for producing individual cups of coffee.


  • High price for a manual grinder

2. Pepper Mill Imports Traditional Coffee/Spice Mill, Brass, 11"

Pepper Mills’ Turkish coffee grinder is the perfect choice for a consumer looking for a grinder that balances a quality build with an accessible price point.

This attractive brass coffee grinder was first produced to service the Greek army’s caffeination fees while out in the field. Today, Pepper Mills holds themselves to the same exacting standards required by the army.

This Turkish coffee grinder is attractive, functional, and built to last. It also features a small collection cup built into the base of the grinder. The biggest downside is that the brass isn't sealed, which mean it requires occasional polishing to retain its luster.


  • The product features a design that's both durable and elegant.
  • This large sized grinder is able to hold enough beans for several cups.
  • The attached collection cup is very convenient for collecting your grinds.


  • The brass requires polishing from time to time to keep the product in peak condition.
  • The manual grinder might be too difficult and time-consuming for some.

3. Turkish Coffee Grinder Large 8.5 Inches

If you're in the market for a Turkish coffee mill but don't have tons of money to spend, Turkish Coffee World’s Turkish Coffee Grinder is the product for you.

This low-cost Turkish mill isn't the highest quality build in the world, namely because the handle detaches from the body of the mill. Some users have also reported difficulty in getting large or unusually shaped beans to slip into the burrs at the right angle.

However, don't let these downsides fool you into thinking this is a shoddy product. This large grinder is able to handle huge quantities of beans and typically causes no problems producing a fine enough grind for a Turkish coffee. It's the perfect entry level grinder for a coffee drinker just beginning to explore the world of Turkish coffee.


  • Large frame is capable of holding many beans.
  • The price point is extremely accessible for most people.
  • The attached collection cup is very convenient for collecting your grinds.


  • The detached handle is a weak point in the design that could break after repeated uses.
  • The grind size is difficult to adjust.
  • The beans must approach the burrs at just the right angle to achieve a perfect grind.

4. Bosphorus Turkish Coffee Grinder

Look through any decent Turkish coffee grinder review and you'll likely see Bosphorus's products held in high regard. The company specializes in equipment and grinders for Turkish coffee and takes pride in producing a quality product.

Their large sized grinder features both an attractive façade and functional interior. It holds a large amount of beans and grinds them very consistently.

Unfortunately, this grinder features a detachable handle. While handy for packaging, this also provides a weak point that the repeated stress of manual grinds can wear on. Still, this grinder seems up to hundreds of uses without buckling.

The grinder comes in a full Turkish coffee kit, including everything you need to get started on making Turkish coffee.

5. Turkish Coffee Brass Hand Made Engraved Grinder Spice Salt Pepper Mill

In contrast to the other coffee grinders presented on this list, this handmade coffee grinder isn't a mill grinder.

Instead, it's a small, hand-held tool best suited to crafting individual cups of Turkish coffee. This Turkish grinder is lovingly crafted and is very appealing to the eye. Perhaps the product’s biggest downside is the time it takes to grind a cup’s worth of beans. Because the hand made engraved grinder is so small, it can easily take 15 minutes to grind enough beans for a decent cup.

However, some aficionados find that the time necessary for this type of grinding only adds to the satisfaction one gets with the first sip from a cup of fine, properly ground Turkish coffee.

So what is the best Turkish coffee grinder?

Like most styles of coffee, brewing a proper cup of Turkish coffee requires following very specific grinding, steeping, and preparation methods, as well as using specific pieces of equipment like a Turkish coffee grinder. Though these rules may seem overwhelming or even pedantic, adhering to these time-tested instructions is the only way of crafting a delicious and full-bodied cup of traditional Turkish coffee. This style of brewing is known for its distinctive, sting flavor that really emphasizes the coffee bean’s natural oils.

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of brewing traditional Turkish coffee is grinding the beans to the right consistency. Much like a French press or espresso, the size and consistency of the ground beans play a major role in how the final product tastes. A proper cup of Turkish coffee should see its beans ground nearly into oblivion. Aft they've been ground, the beans should be a fine black powder, almost like instant coffee (though noticeably tastier). The grain size of the ground beans is even smaller than espresso. The grind must also be very consistent, with each grain of coffee being very close to the same size as all the others.

The philosophy behind the proper grind for Turkish coffee comes from both culinary and historic roots. Turkish coffee is almost certainly one of the first brew methods invented, rising to prominence in Yemen during the 15th century. In these early days, there was no dedicated coffee brewing equipment, so coffee drinkers had to make due with what they had available. This often meant that coffee was ground using spice grinders, and thus ground to the same fine, powdery consistency as traditional spices. This type of grinding also had the added advantage of being able to mix directly with boiling water, without having to strain or filter out overly large grounds.

From the culinary perspective, a good cup of coffee is characterized by highlighting the natural oils encased in the coffee bean. When exposed to water at the right temperature, the oil is released from the bean, but not destroyed. This is what gives each type of coffee its unique character. Because Turkish coffee is ground so finely, the surface area of the bean is maximized, and as much of the bean’s interior as possible is exposed to the water. This gives the natural oils the best possible chance of seeping into the water, which is why Turkish coffee tends to be stronger and bolder than most other styles.

Much like the French press, a variety of low-end and mid-grade general use grinders claim to be able to grind beans to the proper consistency for a Turkish style coffee, but aren’t able to consistently deliver on these promises. The truth is that many coffee grinders, and even some coffee machines with grinders, aren't calibrated to grind the beans as fine as necessary for a Turkish coffee cup. Fortunately, you don't need to go out and purchase a dedicated Turkish coffee maker. With a bit of research, it's easy to find the best coffee grinder for Turkish coffee. To help you on this quest, we've compiled this list of the five best Turkish coffee grinders.