Turn a Manual Hario Grinder into an Electric Grinder

"You probably want one of these." - A friend's advice after moving into my own place.

When I updated the Top 10 Best Manual Coffee Grinders for 2018 I was excited to learn that Hario had released an updated version of its mini grinder, called the Mini-Slim Plus. After all, I was interested in the "upgraded hexagonal design" and wanted to feel the product in my hand to understand if it was easier to grip and in general, sturdier.

In short, it's very similar in design to to the original Mini-Slim and, until you're used to it, the grinder can sometimes slip out of your left hand (or whichever hand is not dominant) as you grind away with your right. As I was inspecting the hexagonal drive, however, I had an idea - can I attach my power drill to it? The answer turns out to be yes (otherwise, why would I be writing this?) After some research, it seems I'm not the only coffee fanatic who has thought of this - but at least I thought of it independently!


Here are the tools you'll need in order to power your way through your morning coffee grind with a budget manual grinder:

  • Drill - preferably cordless, but any will do.
  • 7mm socket and adapter - you can buy a set or kill two birds with one stone and get this universal one.
  • Your favorite coffee beans

Step by Step Instructions

Remove the handle from the grinder - you won't be needing it.

Insert the socket into the adapter, and then into the chuck of the drill and tighten it up.

Set the drill to a low speed, high torque setting, make sure it's set to drill clockwise, and fit it onto the top of the Hario's shaft.

Holding the body of the Hario as you normally would, slowly engage the drill to start turning the shaft. You should hear the distinctive sound of the burr grinding the beans! Once you've got it going, you can increase the speed and grind all the beans in the hopper. Easy!

If you already have a drill lying around (and you probably should), and you're not ready to invest in a high end electric grinder, then this combo is a compelling choice. Hario makes excellent grinders for a very low price.

Have fun and happy grinding!